Thursday, February 02, 2017


Sorry for the absence. Been sick recently. Not sick AS a dog, but getting sick OF two dogs, especially two who won't leave me alone when I can't freaking stop coughing.
"You sick? Throw the ball anyway."

And we're talking the sort of coughing that, after a while, has every rib muscle screaming with pain every time you draw a breath. Fortunately Jameson helps with that. YOu're still sick, but you don't mind near as much.

But I'm feeling much better now.

Working on a pistol for a friend. Trying to install Apex Tactical's spring kit into a Smith and Wesson Glock rip-off SW40VE, and while the parts are in, I can't get it to pass a function test and reset the trigger reliably. Damn thing is getting on my last nerve. But the owner, a novice to pistols, loves it so I can't convince them to step up to a better gun.

I did manage to play hooky from work for a bit this afternoon and catch this little parade kicking off this afternoon.

Parades. Definitely King Cake season, with Mardi Gras building up.

And chickens. Still got a neighborhood full of chickens.

And the other night, I ran into this chick at a midnight art gallery.

What was it they say about playing with fire?

But I'm feeling up to going walk-about now, so I'm going to take the dogs out for beer and pizza down on Frenchmen Street.


  1. Oh, man. So many people all over the place have been laid out with the bug from hell. Not the flu - no fever - but puts you in bed just the same. Glad you are on the way back. Took me 3 weeks before things were reasonable again.

  2. Whooping cough has been going around up my way, maybe you had a bout of that.

    Anyway, feel better sooner than later.

  3. I put a apex trigger kit in one of those same guns. After taking it apart around ten times to file and smooth parts the trigger was actually decent. I removed a few "extra" springs from the gun and the trigger became really nice. I kept all the parts, and put it back to factory when I sold it.
    I'm glad you are back, and feeling better.

  4. So, considering the political leanings of your neck of the woods, might the young lady in the art gallery be a flaming liberal?

  5. Chicken dinner, home delivered... Just let the dogs bring 'em to you! :-) Get better, and get a Glock...LOL

  6. Hey Murphy;

    I own one of those glock knock off and it is a pretty good pistol, it ain't pretty but it is functional. Glad you are feeling better though

    1. I have one too, and it's a nice, functional, reasonably accurate pistol. Got a third mag for it when Brownell's had a sale a couple weeks ago and I'm going to shoot it in the next IDPA match just for grins. It's my CCW piece when I'm headed for a part of town that might require more firepower than and XDS or Shield.

  7. Anonymous11:41 PM

    I am glad to hear you are getting better.
    I am fighting a chronic sinus infection

  8. There's "something" going around and you had it.

    I've been sneezing like crazy the last few days, and considering it's been raining here again, I doubt if it's allergies.

  9. Glad you are getting better! I was down with the crud for a week myself. Still coughing. This pestilence sucks! Get better.

  10. I've got it now.

    Coughed all night long, muscles ache, head feels like a balloon, blah, blah, blah....

  11. Understood.
    When I'm sick, the chee-hoo-hooa puppy Lola tries to lick it out of me - then wants something (bone, ball, headless rubber rooster) tossed.
    Good to hear you are doing better! And had Jamesons!


  12. Do Murphy and Belle ever chase the neighborhood chickens?

    Y'all do have a LOT of parades. I'm not saying that's a bad thing because I like them, but still - a lot.