Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hey Libs...

Libs keep posting and reposting pics of a mostly empty National Mall on Inauguration Day, claiming that is somehow means President Trump is unpopular. (56% approval rating as of today...and rising.) They omit the fact that the pic was taken several hours before the inauguration and that the crowd was held back until security sweeps had been completed, only to have to deal with libs blocking the access points. (Because if liberals don't like a speaker, you should not be able to hear him.)

Anyway, I got this today, and it made me LOL.

And as Jay Bogan suggested in the comments...


  1. Don't forget to look up Hillary's inauguration crowd for a meaningful comparison...

  2. Not to mention that the Mall has been undergoing re-turfing for some time now. The white areas shown in the puc that's being circulated are covered by tarps and surrounded by chain link fence - NOBODY gets to walk there, and we haven't been able to the last couple trips I've taken down there for the cherry blossoms and museums.

    But in reality liberals know this. They are fine with lying.

  3. Heh... That last one's a winner!

  4. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I love the last one

  5. Here is pic of the crowd

    From CNN, so none of the Liberals can claim it is doctored or anything.

    Ya gotta spin it to see the view of the mall, but it clearly shows the crowd much lager than the libs claim.


  6. The leftists are like that about virtually everything in that they lie, cheat, swindle, exaggerate, skew, twist, omit on a regular basis, in fact seemingly as a normal way of doing things (as in normal for their bizarre lifestyle), in order to promote their views.

  7. Liberals lied, yup bama came and took your guns, yup. Actually, the Conservatives are more likely, as proven in the 20's and 30's. But, who am I to say. But, the rest of it, sounds so familiar? Where have I heard that before? I do snicker with you on the humor of it all.

  8. The bottom photo is my idea of "social justice".