Sunday, March 26, 2017

On travel...and loving it.

Sorry for the lack of posting. I’ve been away for some job-related training and while I’m staying in a very nice hotel on St. Simons Island, the internet connection leaves something to be desired and I’ve been pretty busy with a ton of after-class “homework”.

But last night, I finally got out to a nice island bar with the majority of my class and we all had a chance to socialize. None of us had ever worked together and come from different employers but ours is a small community and most of us had worked in the same places and knew the same people.

After a while, drinks having flowed and rounds of shots having been purchased and consumed, things went the way things often go with groups like ours and eventually the bar manager politely requested that we continue our festivities elsewhere.

So now I’m trying to figure out exactly what it was that got us all put out.

Perhaps the fact that one of our party (not me) saw a lovely lady sitting alone at a table and sat down across from her to chat her up while we all watched. Her husband, who walked in just seconds later, was not amused, either by our pick-up artist or the laughter of our whole table as he tried to extricate himself from that mess. It didn’t actually come to blows, but words were exchanged and the couple did wind up walking out.

Or maybe it was the girl in our party who took to throwing ice cubes and limes from the tequila shots at everyone else. Most of the ice and limes wound up on the floor, naturally.

It could have been the guy (not me) who saw a cockroach and tried to stomp on it several times. The cockroach was 3-4 feet up the wall.

Eventually the manager did come over and told us that this establishment was a family restaurant as well as a bar. Someone replied: “So how’s that business model working out for ya?” (Yeah, that was me.)

I’m sure that the song that we collectively made up about our waitress didn’t help, either. It was catchy though.

So we all wound up leaving about that time. Fortunately we encountered a cornhole game at a place right nearby so we descended on their patio for a while. To our collective shame and embarrassment, two nine-year old boys who were there with their family beat every damn one of us at least once. Experts in our fields from all over the country with nearly 400 years in our combine profession per a survey done on the first day, and two nine year olds laid the batch of us out at a simple lawn game. Sigh.

Needless to say, I left my car there and caught an Uber back to the hotel.

Monday’s return to class should be interesting indeed. And future gatherings of our community will have a few new tales to tell around future bar tables.


  1. I'm sure that you told the owner that you've been thrown out of much nicer establishments than his.

  2. Jesus. I'm surprised you weren't "Arrested".

  3. Anonymous1:51 PM

    +1 Dwan Seicheine

  4. You are so rotten. And there was a restaurant in Rockville, MD, that probably regretted us about 35 years ago for the same reasons. They didn't ask us to leave but they stopped seating people around us and the line got real long...

  5. Hmmm .... so you are telling us you AREN'T the saintly quiet man we all thought you were? I'm SHOCKED, SHOCKED! ;-)

  6. Heh... NOT surprised, when LEOs let their hair down, it 'can' get a bit boisterous...

    1. Just a bit boisterous. But the bars here know this and put up with a good bit so long as nothing gets broken and no one gets hurt or disrespected. We were all back in the same pkacd the next night with no hard feelings in either direction.