Saturday, April 29, 2017

Here again.

Back at the convention. Many pics and write-ups will follow when I get back home, but so far, you'll just have to content yourself with stuff like this.

This morning, I got to meet Mr. Garibaldi for the fist time, and like most people I meet for the first time do, the first thing he did was ask my about $&@# Murphy and Belle. Sigh.

I should have brought the dogs here. And I could have used them to carry all of the promotional swag I'm collecting.  

Met Kevin of Misfires and Light Strikes, too. Lots of great people here. 

A number of the regular bloggers are notably absent this year, and most of them are missed. Looking forward to seeing them again, either in Dallas next year or when I just show up unannounced at their houses because no one quits me, dammit. 

There seems to be a shortage of booth babes this year too, and that's a bit of a buzzkill. But still, I'm surrounded by guns, gear and great Americans. And my President was great yesterday when he spoke to the membership. Life is great.

More to follow.


  1. Guns must be combined with ammo AND booth babes for a truly satisfying experience. Dogs attract booth babes...just saying.

  2. Hey Murphy;

    You could have used the heckhounds as "emotional Support dogs", would have been more believable than that pit bull we saw, lol

  3. It seems you were at the wrong booths =) And the dogs are good company =)