Saturday, April 29, 2017

Still here.

Still wandering. Seen much, met many. At your request, I did pop in on both Rock River Arms and Springfield Armory and asked them about this "anti-gun" legislation in the Illinois legislature that has so much of the interweb in a tizzy.  I can't really write on the issue much because frankly I don't know jack about the bill at this time, but I do know enough to say that the rumor that these two companies are supporting it in exchange for being exempted from it is incorrect and even flat out wrong. So please, don't fall for the crap being pedaled by some of the "hey, look at me" crowd. There are a few out there who are trying to push this narrative and encouraging people to attack these companies--and a few bubbas here have been doing that today--but all it's doing is sowing dissention among us when we need to stay united and focused.

This bill in Illinois has been introduced by the anti-gunners in one form or another for years. It has never passed before and it's not likely to pass this year either before the session ends either so it's really a non-issue anyway. Let's just lay off the hating on two great companies who have done most than most for the shooters and gun industry and if you want to fight someone, find the real bad guys and devote your efforts to them instead. 

As for me, I'm still part of Team Springfield and Team Rock River.


  1. Yeah, still waiting to get ALL the backstory on this one...

    1. Talk to Todd Vandermyde. He's the NRA's lobbyist in Illinois.

  2. Thanks for looking into this for us, ML. I like and have both companies' products and hope their halo is still untarnished after all the facts are out.

  3. So you are telling me they had no idea what the lobbyist they paid to do was doing? He didn't check with them before doing anything? And it took them four days to announce this?

    A lot of people don't believe there statement, and I can understand why. I