Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Atlanta NRAAM

Just into town, I loved seeing these signs all over the downtown area.
Cry over that, gun-haters.

Then it was inside, with roughly 80,000 of the best Americans I know.

Lots of manufacturers were present, including one of my favorites, Henry Repeating Arms.
I love this company's rifles, I love their customer service and no-hassle lifetime warranty, and I see a home in my gun room for one of two more of their big-bore lever guns before too much longer.

A lot of classic firearms were there this year.
And a lot of modern ones, too.

PTR Industries was there with their beautiful H&K-based rifles.
They started making these on original H&K tooling purchased from Spain but over the years they've modernized and improved their plant to make rifles that are at least as good as the original H&K 91 and 93 rifles.
Now they even have one in 7.62.39mm.
Made in America by Americans. And damned nice rifles. Probably the only new in box .308 fighting rifles out there for under a grand, too. (Their GI model) I will have one eventually.

I saw Springfield Armory's new XD-E pistol, offered in 9mm only at this time.
It was ok, I guess. but nothing to scream and dance and write home about. it was just another one of many decent, serviceable subcompacts and one that really only stands out because they put a hammer on it, which makes it about as "cutting edge" as the Colt 1911. I was happy that they at least made it ambidextrous though.

Speaking of small pistols, I stopped by Apex Tactical, another one of my favorite companies.
They make aftermarket improved spring kits for several Smith and Wesson guns. (Come on Smith and Wesson...partner with these folks and you'll have world-class guns right out of the box.)
I have their triggers on my S&W M&P pistols and once I saw their improved trigger on a Shield .45, I bought the spring kit and decided to buy the Shield just as soon as I can.

I also bought their spring kit for the Smith and Wesson J-frame revolver and I replaced the springs in my beloved Model 642 last night. Took me roughly half an hour, just following along with their on-line videos, and now the trigger is fantastic.

More later. Gotta run to work.


  1. Good seeing you there!

    1. Always a pleasure running into you as well.

  2. If you buy a PTR, DON'T buy one of the early production ones - they use the German chamber fluting and are extremely picky on ammo. I sold mine because I got tired of having to use a rod to force out cases stuck in the chamber.