Wednesday, May 03, 2017


Saw this DPMS GII Recon and thought of a friend back in WV who bought one.
I didn't think much of it until I shot his, and then...Wow! I still want one.

And these Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) gals had to be photographed for PawPaw back in LA.

And yes, I visited Stephanie at Springfield Armory. We talked about the rumors regarding the currently-pending Illinois legislation that they are being trashed over and she assured me that they are not supporting it and pointed out that it hasn't even made it over to the State Senate yet so it's still much ado about nothing. But for some I guess, it's easier to fight our friends than our enemies.

We also talked M-1A Scout Squads, of course.

Visited Rock River Arms and had a similar discussion with Chuck Larson, CEO and one of the co-founders of the company, And he gave me the same assurances. He also stated that they were pulling out of the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association (IFMA) as a result of that group's decision to back the legislation.
Of course while we were trying to talk about this, some huge guy in XXXXXXL tactical gear (Dude, is that a BDU blouse or are you wearing a tent?) stepped into the middle of the conversation to scream "Gun grabber!" and "Traitor!" at Chuck, and he kept it up even when Chuck and I both tried to calm him down and get him to actually engage or participate in the discussion. He didn't want to learn anything that might change his mind and he finally wandered off after I politely (for me, anyway) suggested that he find somewhere else to be. People, when we do stuff like this, we're our own worst enemy.

I also talked to the folks at Century, long the largest importer of surplus military arms from around the world.
Their rep told me that while most of the surplus bolt and semi-auto guns have been bought up already, there still are caches out there and Century expects to bring more in in the coming months. He also says that the internet is making this harder than it used to be, because even in the most remote third-world countries, government officials can and do pull up Gunbroker listings and quote current resale prices here in America when trying to drive up the prices of the guns that Century is there to buy.


  1. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Thank you for the great pictures and stories

  2. hey Murphy;

    We can be our worst enemies...I did see a lot of "mall Ninja's" though walking through NRAAM. In the pic with that babe, you saw 2 of your favorite things, M1A rifles and a smoking hot babe. I kinda want to build an AR based on the 7.62X39 caliber. I know people rave on AK pattern rifles, but the truth of it is that I am more comfortable with the AR pattern rifles and I like the accuracy :)