Saturday, May 13, 2017

General P.G.T. Beauregard, CSA.
This statue, at the entrance to City Park, is one of the four that our Democrat/fascist mayor, Mitch Landrieu, decided to tear down a couple years back as part of his plan to capture national attention and get himself a spot on the Hillary Clinton team.

This monument, and three others like it, have been here for over a century and no one was bothered by them. New Orleans is built around it's history and they are a part of it. Beauregard lived here before and after the war and his old mansion is still an attraction in the French Quarter.

But since Katrina, New Orleans has suffered an infestation of yankee hipsters from places like Brooklyn, Portland, Austin and San Francisco. These kids, usually in their 20's and early 30's and often supported by trust funds or an allowance from mom and dad, make up the bulk of those who have jumped on the anti-monument bandwagon, acting as though their mere presence here grants them a right to a say. The only other real opposition is one guy who has been a radical anti-cop, anti-white "community organizer" who has been a gadfly here for decades but never garnered any serious attention until this issue came up. But that guy and the transplants, these are the ones that Mitch Landrieu is pandering to. For them--and the love of the DNC--he's taking the monuments down.

The citizens here wanted a vote on it, but Mitch knew that he'd lose that one. Like I said, New Orleans loves it's history almost as much as it hates outsiders coming in demanding change. So no vote by the people. Instead, he got the city council to rubber stamp his fiat decision and then said "Hey, you all voted for them, so that's good enough." And despite protests and public calls for him to leave them alone, Mitch has already sent crews in under cover of darkness to take down two of them--one a monument to the Battle of Liberty Place and the other a monument to Jefferson Davis.
Both of these were taken in the early hours of the morning, with police guards in place and masks on the faces of those doing the work. Trucks involved had their business names and license plates covered. The mayor still refuses to show where he got the money to pay for this or who the jobs were contracted out to. Transparency? Not in this Third-World Democrat-run city. And if the people really want this to happen, like he keeps telling us, there shouldn't be any shame or a need for secrecy, right?

Two monuments gone, and two remaining, the one above and the one of Robert E. Lee in Lee Circle. Nowadays both are mobbed with protesters for and against the removal and both groups are largely made up of out-of-towners and/or recent transplants. (A gal I work with is a huge opponent of the monuments but she's only lived here three years while going to school and is about to leave for a new job back where she came from. She has never owned property here, voted her or registered a car here but claims to be resident with a right to a say.)

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on this debacle, and because Mitch diddled on it and allowed both sides to get spun up, the hard feelings and polarization it's caused won't be going away any time soon. Meanwhile, crime is off the chain here and people are getting robbed and murdered daily, but that's all taking a back seat to this circus and countless police officers have been redeployed to statue duty instead of the neighborhoods and the task forces. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see which issue is more important to Mitch Landrieu.

Oh, and one of his toadies on the council, Latoya Cantrell, wants to succeed him as mayor when his last term is up. She voted along with him on this. She can kiss my ass if she thinks shell ever get my vote.

And yes, she's the councilmember whose husband--a city prosecutor in the drug court--was busted when he dropped a joint on the floor in the courthouse right in front of two police officers.


  1. Very sad that the citizens who live there had no say in the matter.

    "Latoya".....says it all just in her name....."La Toyas In The Attic" is more like it....

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Funny how after katrina that most of the troublemakers came to Houston, Atlanta, and other southern cities and the hippie scum moved in and remember Nagan and his "Chocolate City" comment. Funny that these people want a say in a place that they just moved to. We have the same problems with people coming here to Atlanta and trying to change the area to match the shithole they left. Winston Churchill commented that "A people that forgets their history, are doomed to repeat it." I see a lot of this stuff going on here, there was a big push to bust the confederate monument off Stone Mountain. The people pushing this were the local aaactivist and assorted yuppies. They are trying remove the past like the fascist or communist of old.

  3. They are removing our history like ISIS, and the Taliban do today. They should be treated the same way, bullets and bayonets. You would think that New Orleans would have had enough of the Landfill family after Katrina. Never forget the illegal gun confiscations after Katrina either...The Comm... er Democrat party in action.

  4. I'm 6 miles upriver from you but, it makes me sick to see how that ass-clown is running the city of New Orleans. The people calling for the removal of these monuments will never be happy! What's next?

  5. Recall reading that in 1958 (I think) ALL members of the Civil War, Blue or Grey, were declared to be U.S. veterans. Thus removal of these statues should be regarded as unlawful.