Monday, May 08, 2017

Down by the river.

Out for a stroll last night.

Dinner for three one.

Belle makes another friend.
Tell me again how pretty I am.

OK, which one of you stole the beignet?

And Murphy was being true to form this week-end. I took a young lady out for pizza--with the darn dogs, of course--And as we sat and talked, Murphy saw an opportunity and grabbed her pizza slice as she held it, biting about half of it off. She was not amused. Way to go, jerk dog.


  1. Maybe if you bought Murph and Belle their own pizza, they wouldn't have felt the NEED to sample the young lady's slice. And was she covering it or holding it normally (an invitation perhaps to a starving dog)?

  2. Anonymous4:57 PM

    If you ask me, that is not a bad basic compatibility test...whether for friend, girlfriend, or 'benefits'. And I speak as a young (ish) lady!

  3. Man, I need to see if Sienna will work as chick bait...

  4. The right girl is the one who eats the remainder of the pizza slice without being bothered by dog spit.

    1. the right girl is the one who offered the pizza to the dogs first.

  5. Hey Murphy;

    You should have used Belle as an opportunity to talk to that young thing giving her a belly rub....perhaps she would give you one also...Just a thought.

  6. LOL, another day with the dogs...

  7. bob hope, when a young vaudeville entertainer, found that there was no babe magnet like his puppy.

  8. I'm with the comment on compatibility. If she can't laugh when the dog snatches her slice and get another, she will come between you and the pups. Pups come first. Women who don't like dogs are bad news, in my experience anyway.

  9. Wow. If my dog could have helped me meet women like that when I was young, I'd have bought him a steak.

  10. My wife (future wife at the time) liked my dog first, then me. Kind of a, "His dog is nice, maybe I should get to know him as well" . Mine was a GSD and husky mix male, hers was a solid black GSD female. We met in a kung-fu class, where she was the only female that had mettle enough to stick around more than a few classes - but it was our dogs that helped us on the path together.