Sunday, May 07, 2017

Still more NRAAM

Saw this in Atlanta, too.

It's the ARES Shrike, now back as the Fightlite MCR. It's a belt-fed upper for an AR-15/M-16, complete with quick-change barrel.
It transforms an M-16 into a baby SAW, and if I can find a deal on an M-16 or M-16 lower, I'm getting one of these. Full auto fire, 100-round belts, quick-change barrels, suppressible..and still under 12lbs.
Salesgirl not included...sigh.

If I get that, I might want this device, too.
The mag pump. Dump your 5.56 rounds into the hopper and it feeds them into the loader and stuffs your mags quickly and easily.

And I'm kinda fond of Slip 2000 now too.
This fella gave me a bunch of free samples of their lube and I've been trying it on my firearms, starting with my Walther PPK and Sig P220 in Atlanta. It definitely slicks the action up and supposedly prevents carbon build-up as well.

Smith and Wesson was huge there.

And Springfield Armory brought their wares too, including the Scout Squad rifle that I think I need.

This Benelli M2 shotgun might be an impulse buy shortly as well.

Fellow Blogger Bob seems to have found an Auto Ordnance Thompson that he's partial to.

And Aaron was trying to check out this FN PS90 carbine while a salesgirl was having fun photobombing him.

It's all fun at the NRA.

Well not for everyone. We got back to the hotel and saw this woman walking through the lobby.
I caught up with her and asked her where the protest was going to be. She looked me in the eye and said "I'm not here for any protest". Then I pointed out her "Moms Demand Action" shirt and asked for a picture with her. She said she didn't feel comfortable posing for a picture with me so I told her that was ok and just snapped one of her.
She about broke the glass door trying to run out. Pity. I so wanted to ask her who was paying for her airfare, lodging, meals and transport. But I guess that's a question for another day.

Seriously, how can anyone believe anything from a group whose members deny being in town for a protest when they are actually wearing their protest shirts?


  1. There's a guy on bayou shooter trying to offload one of those belt fed uppers. Not sure what the going rate is but you might be able to get ahead of the deal before getting into a fun switched lower?

    1. I plan buy the 16 first. If I can't find an affordable one, the upper will do me no good. But thanks for the heads up. I'll look into it.

    2. That guy's down to $2500 with accessories. Just FYI.

  2. When protesting becomes "a living", the way that it is with the progs, it loses its punch with all but the lying, evil, elite, smug mainstream media.

  3. PS90's are really neat - you should get one!