Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The stupid! It burns!

I'm traveling this week, but that doesn't mean that I get to escape the intellectual offerings of my new associates back in New Orleans.

A discussion thread that I was somehow added to (because most of them have no idea who I really am) revolved around putting four new faces on Mt. Rushmore, because the current ones do not reflect this country's diversity. My suggestion that we add Andrew Jackson was not well received and sparked a side discussion when it was stated that all of America needs to be stripped of all memorials to our Founding Fathers and and military hero since the Founders were all about white male supremacy and honoring anyone for killing others is wrong. 

I chimed back in and pointed out that but for our nation's founders and the military men that came with and after them, no one on this discussion list would even be here today.

"Oh yes we would," replied one of them. " We'd just all have been Native Americans and we'd be living in harmony with each other and nature."

The face palm heard round the world indeed. And laugh if you will, but her vote counts as much as yours of mine does every election.


  1. Hey Murphy;

    Haahahahhhaaahhahhahhhaaa*take a breath* bwahhahahhhhaahhahahaaa....now that I got the initial laughter out of the way....really harmony with nature...being a" native American"...jeez, I almost got laughing again....number 1 indians didn't live in peace with each other, they were always fighting over land, water and women...there were a lot of scalping and other things. If she survived the culling, she would be either working on the field, being perpetually pregnant and working the myriad of other tasking. Indians had a good idea, the men hunted, fishing, fighting and screwing...the women did all the other work. and you are right...her vote counts like yours does...

  2. Her vote counting as much as mine feels pretty scary.
    History is obviously not strong with this one!

  3. It used to amaze me that people could be so stupid. Not any more.

  4. I didn't realize you were in a group with E. Warren. . . . . but I'm sure you add diversity!

  5. Jean Jacque Rousseau 'nobile savage' is alive and well.
    Too bad they didn't get enough history to know about the Indians warring with and enslaving each other.

  6. Slavery, honing torture to a fine art, canabalism. Driving herds of buffalo off cliffs and just taking what they wanted at the moment and leaving the rest dead or dieing.

    Yep, I'd like to see her become a part of that world.