Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Another victim of Mitch Landrieu's quest for fame

I just got word from a friend who is in a place to know.

Another one of the statues is going to fall tonight, or in the early morning hours.

Will it be Lee or will it be Beauregard? 

In any case, it's just adding to the crimes against history and the citizenry of New Orleans that "ISIS Mitch" is racking up. 

Watch the news tomorrow to see which one he destroys.  If I were back in town I'd be seriously contemplating being there to record the events..


  1. My, God....these people are as bad as Stalin!

  2. I propose that city officials be pressured to sell the statues (for revenue...like to pay entitlements).

    The City of Lafayette or any other Southern City that wants tourist attractions should be able to pick them up for scrap metal prices. The local hotels would probably be able to collect that much money by putting out coffee cans at their "Continental Breakfasts".

    Then, NOLA can watch "their" tourists go to Lafayette and spend money.

    Napoleon once wrote, "When your enemy is doing something stupid, don't stop him."

  3. That's funny. There don't seem to be any statues of Benjamin Butler in New Orleans. I wonder why.

    Roy - who is running and ducking... ;-)

  4. They should just put some statues of sheep.
    That's what they are.

  5. Replies
    1. I mean people like Mitch! Not the ones they are taking down.
      They are SHEEP, letting this happen. It's sickening how some people just aquiesce to crap like this.

  6. They keep on and there won't be any statues of Democrats left.

  7. Anonymous4:41 PM

    These clowns make Stalin look like a piker