Friday, June 30, 2017

Shield report.

So I took the new .45 Shield out to the range today.

Here's the 10 yard target after the first magazine.
Yeah, kinda doofed one at eleven o'clock there but I still broke the ring, so 60-4x for a first try. I LIKE IT!

The next magazine all went right into the 10-ring as well, as did the third. There were no malfunctions with a hundred rounds fired.

Recoil is amazingly mild for such a small .45 and the aggressive texture of the grips makes it easy to keep a good hold on it. Sights are great for fixed white dot and the trigger is ok but I already have an Apex kit here for it that I bought in Atlanta, anticipating this pistol's purchase.

Here it is with a Sig P-220 for size comparison.
And the Sig only holds one more round. The Shield with a seven-round mag carries the same load as a 1911 in a much smaller package, as you can see here:

And here's my friend shooting it so you can appreciate how it fits her hands.
She liked it too.

She also liked another firearm that I brought to the range.

We also shot my Ruger LCP in .380. That gun is much smaller that the Shield but also has a much sharper recoil "bite" and it holds one less round. S&W hit this one out of the park.


  1. Thanks for the report. That's good to know.

  2. Nice redhead too.

  3. Hey Murphy;

    Where did you order the Shield through? and the cost if you don't mind my asking what was the damage so to speak. Also like B said, Nice Redhead :)

    1. Got it through Palmetto State Armory for $319, and with the S&W rebate that ends today, I get $75 back.

    2. Thanks Murphy;

      I have my friend Mac looking up the cost at his place so I will see if there is a shield in my future :)

  4. Thanks for the info!
    Looked like a good time...


  5. Great report. I've wondered how the 45 Shield would feel. And the Sig P220 has long been on my wishlist as a "fun gun to have."

  6. You just had to make me WANT a Shield, didn't ya?

  7. I've owned a .45 ACP SiG P220 and Glock 36 before and am very impressed with the S&W Shield. It's much more ergonomic and comfortable in had then either of the above were. As much as it pains me to say the Shield also feels better in hand than the .45 ACP SA XDs does.