Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dog day Saturday

Saturday morning, out for breakfast with the Belle's Diner, naturally. (Their corned beef and hash browns is out of this World War Two aviation motif inside, and dog friendly).
They even brought out a water bowl for the hounds so they could watch passers-by in comfort.

Then it was time for a walk down by the river...unless you're Murphy, then it's INTO the river.
Belle, as usual, just wades.

Murphy was having a ball, swimming without a care in the world, and several tourists had stopped to watch him fetch a tin can, until...
Two drunk, stinky gutterpunks came down and jumped into the river. Seeing them, two Harbor Police officers rode up on their bikes and ordered the gutterpunks out of the water. And of course one had to whine about it. "How come the dog can swim and we can't?" And you can guess what happened next: Murphy was also ordered out of the river. Dog just can't have a good time.

Of course once the gutters were gone, I talked to the officers and worked things out. Murphy will still be able to swim there, but we need to be a bit more discrete about it, especially if there are gutterscum around.

Heading into Jackson Square, we heard music.
It was a brass band on the balcony of Tableau, corner of Chartres and St. Peter streets.

Time to relax at one of the dog-friendly bars here.
They had cookies and I had beer. And life was good.


  1. Belle is a lady, I only expect her to wade delicately. I'm glad that the officers used discretion, but the dirt bags would have made excellent target practice ...."hey LeRoy, let's see how close we can get to them without actually hitting them." BANG - BANG - BANG - BANG

    "Billy Bob, you lost."

    "I hate it when I lose."

    I realize that harkens back to the '50's.

  2. Man, I would love to try some good corned beef and hash browns!

  3. Cookies and beer!
    Great, now I'm hungry and want a beer.
    And it's 0745...
    (about the beer, not really)


  4. Seems like you've really settled in and adapted well to Nawlans, Murph!

  5. Sounds like a great day!

  6. I have a sable coated German shepherd that looks like he could be Murphy's brother. He is also a water dog. He *loves* water in any form. He will jump right into any creek or lake with abandon. (We have a small plastic kiddie pool in the back yard for him during the summer months.) He even chases raindrops. But if you really want cheap entertainment, you should see his antics when I turn on the lawn sprinkler. It's one of those pulsating type and it's comedy gold when he tries to "capture" that constantly moving and pulsating stream of water. As an added bonus, it gives him the exercise he needs. It wears him completely out. (...and we both know a tired dog is a good dog.)