Saturday, July 15, 2017


Nothing like coming home from a long day at work to see that the no-job-having, Section 8-getting neighbors have put their EBT cards to use and bought themselves a 50" flat screen TV.

One is on the lease with her kids courtesy of a rent voucher that pays more than market-price rent (so the landlord has no incentive to rent to working people who might actually not just hang out and blast rap music all day and all night), and three more adults and some more kids just moved in with her and stay for free. And none of them ever seem to leave for any sort of job. Bet I can guess which party they vote for every election.


  1. Either or... And I'm betting they're probably dealing out of the house too...

  2. BTST

    When I first moved to SoCal and was staying with a buddy, there was a welfare queen who lived in the building and did shit like that.

    Bragged about how OUR tax money had just bought her a new TV, or stereo, or whatever.

    Being new, I didn't understand how she could manage to do things like that, as well as have a nice car to drive.

    I understand now, but at the time it just blew me away....

  3. Hey Murphy;

    Seeing crap like that really burns those of us that work, where is the pride, the feeling of accomplishment? I guess they get it from pulling the lever that said "Democrat".
    I remembered an incident that really drove home the point to me, back in 1994, I was living with my girlfriend(She who became my wife), and I just found out that I owed the IRS $4000 bucks and they were threatening to seize everything I had, I was working 3 jobs, apparently there was a problem with my witholding
    and I got hammered with penalties. Well anyway I was at a winn Dixie buying a loaf of bread with 2 sad looking dollar bills. I was waiting in line and 2 democratic voters were buying a lot of meat and other goods and paying with food stamps. This annoyed me but I didn't say anything. They loaded their buggy up and headed out of the door and I proceeded to pay for the loaf of bread. I am walking out to my F150( needed tires real bad). I see the 2 democratic voters loading the groceries into a brand new Thunderbird. I lost my religion to use a southernism and started screaming at them about they paying for food with food stamps and having a new car...where is the justice, where is the fairness. Well anyway they quickly loaded the Tbird up and boogied with me still ranting in the parking lot.

  4. And the next item will be a report that some other bottom feeder stole their new tv, (because its arrival was advertised it by putting the box on the curb). Just wait for it ....5....4...3..2.1.

  5. 'When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.' - Benjamin Franklin

    It has been known since the first organized government this kind of shit can, and does, happen.

    I have no doubt half of Rome, during the reign of the Caesars, didn't work.

  6. If people are coming and going at all hours,and I mean a LOT of cars, then they are dealing and you should give the police a heads up.

  7. They need a big screen to watch (and listen to) their benefactors vote more stuff for them -- but who am I kidding. They won't watch CSPAN. More likely the Kardashian re-runs.

  8. We have the same problem in the Republic of California but it's different for two reasons. A) They are usually undocumented folks and B) one really can't mention it out of fear they will be deemed a racist. Good times. Trump and his immigration policies haven't affected CA.

  9. Perhaps the number of children and adults violates the city/county/parish habitation rules for the home size and/or number of bedrooms?