Monday, August 28, 2017

Yankee Air Museum (Pt. 2)

Other aircraft on display at the Yankee Air Museum are this nifty Spad S.XIII. It's a hand-built replica, but still pretty sharp.

And they've got a Republic F-84F "Thunderstreak" inside, too. This is one of two that they have.
This one is decked out on the colors of the Thurderbirds, the Air Force's exhibition team. The Thunderbirds actually started out flying the straightwinged version of this aircraft their first two years (1q953-1954) and transitioned to this model in 1955 when they were commanded by Jacksel Broughton, who had a very interesting Air Force career. (Get his books, Thud Ridge and Rupert Red Two.)
Here's a nice halftrack inside.
Brings back memories. In the late 80's, while still a teen living at home, I acquired title to one in much worse shape. Oh, the plans and dreams I had for that thing. But my father for some reason would not let me put it in our suburban back yard until I could make it run so I had to sell it where it was. Sigh. I think I got $300 for it.

Here's the other Thunderstreak outside, an RF-84K photo-reconnaissance variant known as the "Thunderflash". This one here was the last one to fly with the Michigan Air National Guard from nearly Selfridge ANGB.

Also outside is this Russian AN-2R Antonov biplane, a rugged utility aircraft produced in the Soviet Union from 1946 until 2001 and still in use around the world. It's known for being sturdy and dependable and able to carry heavy loads in and out of very small, rough strips.

Hopefully they get her moved indoors and cleaned up when their new museum building is finished.

If you're ever near Ypsilanti, Michigan, stop over and see this place. Just look for the B-52 out front.


  1. AN-2 was a threat we practiced against frequently in the Eagle. Not much metal and very slow, it was hard to run an intercept against. Not impossible, but difficult. However, the AIM-9 loved the heat of the engine.

  2. Saw an AN-2 overfly the base at Geilenkirchen one day. The West Germans got a lot of neat crap when Commie-land shut down.

  3. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us

  4. That looks a lot better than the last AN-2 I saw...LOL

  5. Hey Murphy;

    Very cool pics and you are right, there is something cool about the halftrack. Sure it was a war chariot, but they made it look good too.

  6. Love to have an AN2.

  7. Read somewhere the basis for the AN2 was a DC-3 fuselage.

    1. You are correct sir, with one motor tacked on the front, and biplane wings...

  8. I read where the Chinese still have their variation (Y-5) in production.
    Don't know if it is their turboprop version.

  9. Planes of Fame in Chino has an AN-2 that they fly all the time.

    Fly that sucker into a really good headwind, and you can make it go backwards....

  10. You are a man ahead of your time. A news release today suggested that DPRK might use the AN2 as their secret delivery vehicle for whatever weapons they can cobble together, for the reason that [as Juvat said] it is low and slow and hard to intercept.

  11. I looked into buying an An-2 (partnership deal). What it seemed was that they could only be flown as Experimental/Exhibition, which meant pretty much "not at all, unless you want to do a lot of paperwork".

    Word back then was that Cessna lobbied the FAA hard to not certify An-2s because the airplane would guy the market for C-208s.

    But yeah, I still would like one. Because Honking Huge Biplane.