Saturday, September 09, 2017

Dog Day Out

Because it was finally a nice day--under 90 degrees--I took the dogs out for breakfast.

We hit a local place with sidewalk dining and they hung out while I had breakfast. Then we wandered the French Quarter for a while and hit a few stores.

Belle found another dog in one that looked strangely familiar.

Murphy was not fooled, however.

Then we stopped by the local dog bakery for treats...and a drink.

Thirsty dogs.
Then on to an art gallery that they like.

Next, it was off to see our friend Anastasia...and get another drink.
You'd think I never give these dogs any water. I mean, I just gave them some yesterday. Sheesh.

Then a small second-line came by, attracting Belle's attention.
After Anastasia and I had coffee, I headed for home, doges in tow. And on the way we stopped off for a burger and a beer (for me) and bacon (for them) at another dog-friendly pub on the way home.
Happy dogs.

Now they're dead to the world and I can get some work done...right after my afternoon nap.'s good.


  1. You dogs have a better life than me, and that's OK with me.

  2. An afternoon nap IS work, of the best kind.

  3. Sounds like a win all the way around!

  4. Sounds like Murphy and Belle like the Big Easy.

    Of course, I know YOU do. :)

  5. Tired dogs are happy dogs!

  6. That first picture is hilarious

  7. Love it that Nawlins is so dog friendly. I've been around too many badly behaved kids to be bothered by a well behaved dog eating with me.

  8. Hey Murphy;

    It is good that you have "dog friendly" places for you to take the mob to visit. And Anastasia looked glad to see dogs.

  9. Your dogs crack me up...thanks for posting this.