Monday, September 11, 2017

SPR coming along

I finally decided on a scope for my new rifle project. I went with the Leupold Mark AR 3-9x40mm after all. My basic intent with this project was to mirror the US military's Mk 12 Special Purpose Rifle, only without dropping $4,000+ on the thing.

First off, I want to thank everyone who gave other suggestions. I checked them all out, and from those found even more to look at, but I finally drifted back to the Leupold. And after taking it out just once, I'm glad I bought it. The clarity is amazing, and in the 3x setting, it still functions like a traditional red dot thanks to the Leupold Fire Dot, an adjustable electronic sighting dot in the middle of the mil-dot reticle.
That green dot draws your eye right to reticle center FAST even at low setting. It's much handier than I thought it would be.

I mounted it on a LaRue Tactical SPR/M4 QD mount and it mounted with very little difficulty. (Full disclosure, I had scope rattle in the mount at first but a quick call to LaRue's customer service line and they diagnosed the problem--you need to tighten the bottom screws first instead of doing them cross-pattern like car lug nuts, which I had done. Once I undid it and redid it their way...rock solid!)
Once zeroed, it was just a matter of placing this dot in the 10-ring of the 100M target and depressing the trigger. Best group from the bench with my range bag for a rest was four out of five rounds touching in the middle of the 10-ring with basic 55gr handloads. And when cranked up to 9x, I can actually see my 5.56 bullet holes on the target, eliminating a need for the spotting scope at 100M. At longer ranges, I foresee great things coming from the mil-dot and serious ammunition. And since it's the same reticle system as my Savage M110's Super Sniper 10x, I don't have to try to learn another sighting system.
Now all it needs is a Harris bipod, a quality sling and mounts, and a suppressor, and it'll be all set.

Oh--and perhaps a case of two of 77gr. Mk262 ammo.

Set up thusly, I think she'll do anything I want done out to 600M or so. Anything past's the Savage, at least until I get the next planned project rifle in 6.5 Creedmore completed.


  1. Hey Murphy;

    Your setup looks good:) and range time is a good thing. and working on a rifle is priceless.

  2. Nice-looking (and more importantly - shooting) rifle. I'll have to check that setup out sometime soon.

    1. Well get down here and we'll take it out.

  3. Coming along nicely!

    I think that's the first Leupold scope I've seen that I could afford!

  4. now , for fun and practice, go Prairie Dog shooting...
    nothing like targets at unknown ranges and having to account for winds in different directions on the same shot to build marksmanship skills...

  5. NICCEEEE! :-) And that Loopy will do you well, too!