Sunday, October 22, 2017


Scraped the frost off my rental Saturday morning and drove it to to airport, turning it in with just under 900 miles on the odometer. (It had 51 when I got car and I was the first driver.) They didn't even check it for dents but I was careful not to put any on it despite a fair bit of off-road use on the Jeep trails and old mine roads, and the money I spent to run it through the car wash was probably well spent.

Then it was a flight back to New Orleans via LAX with just an hour lay-over, and American was nice enough to bump me up to the better seats for the long leg back and one of the choices for in-flight movie was Casablanca so I flew back in style with Bogie. I am convince though that babies should have to be checked along with the rest of the baggage though. One cried all the way from Reno to LAX and as far as I could tell, the parents didn't do jack to try to silence it. I mean with it, give it a bottle, pour the baby a shot of vodka...anything.

But I got back and made it home, just in time to play with two attention-starved dogs for a bit and then head out to the Krewe of Boo parade.

And I ran into my friend Amy, university professor by day, Camel Toe Lady Stepper by night.

Amy was busy marching in the parade, so I connected up with Beth, my NOPD pal, to watch it go by. Beth also likes her some Halloween.
And we had the best place to watch it--right in front of a liquor store so we were anything but thirsty as the parade went by.

Here's the Sirens marching, just one of several marching krewes in the parade.

From hiking in the snow to his, all in 24 hours. Too much. But where else can I come back to a parade like the whole city was happy to have me back?


  1. Nice trip.

    (Most of those airport car rental places have their own car wash in the back.)

    1. Yeah, but I didn't want them to see that I'd been off-roading their brand new vehicle for a week. And it was covered with dirt to the roof rack.

  2. Hey Murphy;

    It is nice to know that the city missed you and threw a party upon your return and that you were successful in pulling the house listing off MLS, LOL