Saturday, October 21, 2017

Last hike

One last hike today, about five miles, up to almost 9,000ft., above the snow line. Yep hiked in the snow today.

Then back to Reno, and a nice dinner at a Basque place that I'm now quite fond of. Morning means I take the rental back, with just under 900 miles put on it. And as much as I tried to baby it on miles of jeep trails and off-road tracks, some jerk somewhere put a door ding on it. Seriously? Nice machine but no passing power at all, especially at higher elevations.

Best display of karma: watching a jerk in an SUV with New York tags hop-scotch up alongside everyone else, trying to pass everyone else in line one vehicle at a time on a winding mountain road, only to see it brought to the same screeching halt as everyone they'd passed when we all got to a spot where they'd shut down one lane of the two-lane for a couple miles and were running alternating traffic with a pilot car. Speedy got to sit there and wait right along with the rest of us.

Great trip. Gotta do this again soon. 

And once I'm back: pictures!!


  1. Sounds like a very nice vacation.

    I also recommend the Durango, CO area. I'd live in Ouray or Silverton but the winters are simply too brutal. However it's one of my favorite go-to areas for walk-about. You can fly into and out of Durango (small regional airport).

    1. I like that area but the liberal transplants have made it a Mecca for marijuana and I could not live among them.was planning to retire there once, but...

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Yes we are awaiting pictures from your trip, and yes check Zillow and your address and make sure the dogs haven't listed the house.

  3. Good news, dogs didn't sell the house. Bad news is you may want to after the party they had! Should have went with hamsters!

  4. That's right pictures...your loyal, and spoiled readers are sitting here (sipping a cold one) waiting.....patiently....for our daily fix. Oh yeah, dogs did in fact sale your house (James is out of the loop). They gave me a really good deal.