Sunday, November 19, 2017

She's heeeere!

Sorry for the lack of posts. My dear mother has come to visit me so I'm taking some time to show her the sights and introduce her to some of my friends and acquaintances.

Meanwhile, the rest of New Orleans just elected a new mayor, a woman who, while on the city council, was notable for her personal misuse of a government credit card, and IRS lien on her house for failing to pay her taxes for several years. Her excuse: "But I took care of all of those things when I filed to run for mayor, so it's in the past now and we're not going to talk about it." And we're not supposed to talk about how her husband lost his job as a prosecutor on the city's drug court when he dropped his own marijuana on the floor in front of a police officer at the courthouse. But she was a staunch advocate of tearing down "racist" statues to our Civil War dead, so she is gold to a certain chunck of the constituency, notably the masses of young liberal transplants who have been infesting this city since the attention that this city got post Katrina made it a "hip" place to be.

This is why New Orleans is a cesspool of poverty and corruption, and not coincidentally, a bright blue (solid Democrat) island in the middle of an otherwise economically stable red state. The voters do stupid stuff like this every chance they get and then sit around carping the the state and Washington DC aren't sending enough money to help them out. And they just gave the keys and checkbooks to a woman who has already proven that she cannot be trusted with a simple credit card and turned responsibility for policing the city's employees over to someone who refused to pay her own taxes while ignoring the fact that her husband used the same drugs that he was paid to prosecute other city residents for having.

So should I start behaving like the liberals across America are doing in regards to President Trump and rampaging around destroying stuff while pretending that she's not really the mayor?


  1. Have a good time while your mom's there -

    and what is it with these entitled-feeling liberals who elect known criminals to public office in blue cities?? Marion Barry ring a bell? And the Democrats wonder why they have a credibility problem with so many people?

  2. To address your last question......Yes. That is now your civic duty as a good citizen. We will expect regular updates of rampaging and destroying stuff....with pictures.

    Oh yeah, who are the six hotties, and where is your mother??

  3. Corruption in New Orleans? What else is new? I remember back in '63 a local politico ran an ad to the effect that: "My esteemed opponent claims that I took bribes, while this is true I didn't take as many as my opponent." If I recall correctly he won! Our transplanted western family was aghast at the open and rampant corruption in New Orleans, but the locals shrugged it off saying "all politicians are corrupt, at least we know about ours." Also remember Huey P. Long was considered a hero and would've challenged FDR for the Dem. nomination if he hadn't been shot.

  4. Which one of those chicks in the photo is yer mom?

    And yes, go rampaging around. Upload video as you can.

  5. Have a great time!

  6. Hey Murphy;

    What you don't have pics of the dogs surrounding your mom, as I recall she brings them treats. Also I don't want to ask which hottie is your mom...Don't feel like getting my ass whipped, LOL

  7. Oh joy, oh joy...