Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Back on line

Computer is fixed...and the dogs send their regards.

Actually they're a bit miffed, because it's so cold outside tonight that I've brought two of the outdoor cats in. The cats are currently residing in a cage in my office for safekeeping and the dogs, by necessity, are barred from the room because they won't stay away from the cage. The dogs aren't pleased, but the outdoor cats do such a fine job of keeping the rodent population down that I can't just leave them to freeze out there as the temps tonight will be dropping close to 20 degrees. So two of the tamer ones are inside now, and the third--the most anti-social--is still outside and I wish it well. But my last two attempts to pick it up have left me with claw marks so it's on it's own.

This is Mama Cat.
She's in now.

This is Tommy Cat, a first-timer to our hostel.

They'll be in until the weather goes back above freezing. And the dogs, Miss Belle in particular, can just kick rocks.

Sleeting utside now and below freezing, so the ice on the morning roads, especially the raised portions, should be epic.


  1. Fine looking dogs there. And the cats are pretty good, too.

    Good to bring them in - it's damn cold.

  2. Give the cats a bowl of warm milk and they'll curl up and sleep out of the sleet.

  3. Dude, our outdoor cats live fine with just a box to keep the wind away and a blanket to sleep on....at MINUS 20.

    You cats are spoiled.

  4. Sleet? In New Orleans?

    Alert the media! Call Algore!

    Decent of you to take in the felines, I'm sure Murphy and Belle are not as appreciative of your decency. But how many mice have they caught?

  5. Bless your heart for taking care of the kitties...
    Stay warm and give the dogs some extra snuggles.