Friday, February 09, 2018

Babylon, Chaos and Muses!

Wednesday night I marched with one parade--four and a half miles in the rain--then watched another one go by before walking home with all my newly-acquired parade swag.

Last night I watched three parades, and I'm taking tonight off because I have to work my part-time gig as doorman at a burlesque show. (It's a dirty job, but it pays money and I drink for free. I just wish they didn't force me to watch the show too. Feel bad for me, everyone!)

Saturday and Sunday will be parades all day. Monday night, more parades, and Tuesday is just going to be anarchy and chaos, only with music, alcohol, booze and lots of twirling tassels.

But here's a few shots from last night.

Started out with the Knights of Babylon.

Note that riders on every float are constantly throwing shiny stuff into the crowds--beads, doubloons, and sometimes special hand-made throws which are highly sought after and quite collectible.
My date for the night, Samantha. Fortuitously, she lives right off the parade route.

Knights of Chaos followed. This is a smaller Krewe but fun.

They had this float to mock Mayor "Half Moon" Morial for taking down our Confederate memorial statues. Contrary to what the papers say, most of the real citizens here did not approve, which was why the mayor and council refused to put it to a vote of the people via a ballot. So people are speaking out like this. The Druids parade Wednesday night had one too, but it was raining too hard to get a good picture of it.

The Ladies Godiva rode too. Picture a dozen nekkid chicks on horses. You're welcome.

After this parade, the super-krewe of Muses rolled. But that one was just too chaotic for pictures, and I needed to concentrate on catching swag.

Finally got home a bit after midnight. Breakfast this morning was moon pies thrown from some of the floats last night, and black coffee, of course. Great times!

Here's better pics:

Babylon, Chaos and Muses, 2018


  1. What's not to love about a parade where they throw cool stuff to you?

  2. Hey Murphy;

    I can see why you moved from where you were to New Orleans..Looks like 24 hour party. And you didn't have the hamsters with you?

    1. Crowds are a bit much for the heck-hounds. Too many drunks in particular. They stay home and destroy my stuff while I'm gone.

    2. There used to be a statute about no dogs on the parade route. Of course since every dog, chicken, and hamster is an emotional support animal this probably violates ADA now.

  3. Ah yes, you're 'working' so hard... Snerk...

  4. Since the Lunar New Year falls right after Fat Tuesday and it's the Year of the Dog, you need to take Murphy and Belle to the parades. They'd be the stars of the show. Maybe get them a ride on a float so that they can bark at everyone?

    1. No way I'm putting them in that mess. They're house dogs until Wednesday.