Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Funny police shooting

Well that should get me some search engine traffic...

Anyway, I took my NOPD friend to the range as she had a desire to try the Kel-Tec KSG and they had one to rent. Mind you, her agency doesn't issue patrol shotguns so this was her first time shooting a shotgun of any kind. But the internet said that she had to have one of these, so here we were...

First try with her box of powder-puff low-brass #7 loads:

Shame on me. Can't blame Kel-Tec. She short-stroked it and caused a nasty jam that took me a while to un-bugger.

And then after we fixed that, I loaded a couple of Remington 2&3/4 slugs into the mag tube and told her that they might feel a little different.

Cute gun. Light and and short and holds a lot of rounds but you can't do an emergency reload and toss shells in through the open ejection port like you can with Remington/Mossberg/Winchester, etc. With it's Mag-Pul furniture, you can definitely hang a lot of junk accessories on it, so that will appeal to some folks, but I'm not sold on it as a fighting shotgun yet.

And lest ye ask, she has the bruise this morning. I've seen it and apparently poking it and asking if it hurts is not appreciated.


  1. Such a gentleman, to follow up on the perceived boo-boo. :)

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Glad y'all had fun and hope your friend's shoulder heals quickly!

    Kel-Tec KSG (along with pretty much everything else they make) - look in your dictionary under "dumpster fire".

    It sounds good on paper but they're famously unreliable. They also have the added benefit of often placing the user's left hand dangerously close to the muzzle when attempting to charge the weapon.

    Get thee a Benelli of whatever flavor you prefer and carry on.

    Cheers, sir!
    Jonathan from SC

  3. Nice! Say hi to her for me. Let her know that if it is any consolation you pulled the same trick on me with using a load of 3 inch magnum rounds out of a light Ithaca shotgun.

    I second Jonathan on the Benelli, need to get e one of those at some point.

    1. Gave you magnum rounds in an Ithaca, eh? At that Ayoob LFI course near Grand Rapids? I do not recall that.

  4. I've never been a fan of the KSG-type shotguns either - someone had one in the last shotgun class I took with Louis Awerbuck, seemed to be hard to change ammo types...

    As for bruising, the worst I saw was a Filipino national policeman who came to a class about 20 years ago in Texas. He was about 5'4" tall, really nice guy, but someone in his unit had told him to get a bunch of 3" magnum buckshot loads to use with his 870 in the class. He had a bruise from his shoulder to his elbow ... but gotta hand it to him, he put on a PAST recoil pad and finished the class ... often wondered if he had any lasting nerve damage ...

  5. Hey Murphy;

    Am trying a different browser.

    I wonder why the department didn't try with a Benelli combat shotgun or even with a new Remington or Mossberg. That reminds me, I need to run my 870 "Police" I haven't fired that one since 1990...?

    1. That department is cash-strapped and liability-paranoid. Training and equipment is sub-par across the board.

  6. I'll keep my Mossberg Mariner with it's 4 shot tac-star and Mag-pull buttstock.

  7. Try a nice light Mossberg 500, magnum turkey loads and a tight choke.....OWW!

  8. I'll stick with my old Mossy... :-) And you poke her, she's liable to poke back...LOL

  9. That's kind of the idea. :-)