Saturday, May 26, 2018

Life here.

Just for those wondering what I do when I'm not at my day job or chasing the dogs around, I have a side-job at a couple of clubs nearby, and this job takes my into contact with some people who, I must confess, I'd likely not have associated with up in West Virginia. Two of them just got flown to London, all expenses paid, to be back-up dancers for this goofy little singer here as he performed live on the Graham Norton show the other night. And while his music and style isn't quite my thing at all, his taste in dancers is definitely above average.

These gals, who come on-stage at 1:10 and go back off around 3:45, are friends of mine, particularly the taller one in the red corset, who is a good friend indeed, not only of me but of Murphy and fact I'll be picking her up from the airport in a few hours. They are two of the reasons that I'm not posting as much as I used to. But can you blame me?

Now go roll some Lynyrd Skynyrd or Hoyt Axton to get that foofy music outta your head.


  1. It's a tough job, Murph.

    Glad you're up to it....

  2. Glad you are into intertainment down there

  3. The video is improved by judicious use of the 'Mute' button.

  4. You're my hero.

  5. Hey Murphy;

    Glad you and the countersurfing escape hamsters are doing good. Interesting to see you working a side job, will keep you in ammo, lol.

  6. Yep, mute is your friend. And I can see why you're 'busy'... LOL

  7. The singer does have a set of pipes, it is not that bad though.
    He is doing what puts dollars into the bank account.
    And he won't hit on he dancers :>)

    As for unusual work from a singer, look what that Disturbed singer did with Sound of Silence.

    1. When my kids asked me a few years ago what I wanted for Christmas and birthday (close together), I told them I wanted music from Disturbed. Some of it was 'meh', most of it was really great, all of it was different in some way. The kids nearly fell out of their chairs that their >60 yo dad liked that kind of music. And I was also a bit gobsmacked by their rendition of Sounds of Silence.

      And now I'm putting on some ZZ Top!

  8. Not into the 'singer'. But the sax player? Would like to hear him play some jazz or blues.