Tuesday, July 03, 2018

About had it.

It's fireworks season, and poor Belle is losing her canine mind. Trying to calm her down because I have a late date tonight but no joy...nothing but whining and pacing and no nap for me.

Murphy, he couldn't care less. But Belle... Argh.


  1. Win some, lose some... Obi is just as bad... sigh

  2. Our dog went bonkers in Long Beach, but then last year was the worst I've ever heard. It sounded like a continuous roar coming from North Long Beach / Compton.

    Thankfully we have some doggie tranqs the vet gave us.

    It's not as bad out here, but we've got the meds out just in case.

  3. Feed her 1/3 cup of beer, if she will drink it.

    Go right to sleep. And (generally) sleep through it.

  4. These truly work!
    Got one for my 10 year old Standard Schnauzer Barney who became very nervous with thunderstorms/fireworks as he got older. He would start pacing and panting, I'd put the Thundershirt on him and he would lay down and go to sleep. Kinda late for this year, sorry.


  5. The dog tranqs work.

  6. We can hear the fireworks way off in the distance on the 4th, not very loud and can't see them. But my old dog Tuggy always come right up to the porch door and wants in....

  7. Hey Murphy;

    Dang sorry to hear that, if nothing else, it will prepare you for new years eve...Has she exhibited signs of this before, as I recall you and Belle have been buddies for several years now, this ain't her first 4th of July. Makes me wonder if something else has her cranked up and the 4th of July is the "Cherry" on top. Jeez, here I am playing doggie pshrink,

    1. She's always been bad for it--fireworks, thunder, etc. Murphy has never cared But Belle...

      So I found some of her old dog Tramadol and that helped.

  8. Well, as long as you made your date, then everything's okay, right?

  9. My feral cat didn't come for dinner last night, so it's not just dogs.

    And I found 2 rockets just short of my roof and one in my driveway this morning. I am NOT happy but grateful we had a splatter of rain yesterday so it was damp. And I'll pay more attention next year. Love my neighbors but if it had been dry and those had come down on my roof....