Friday, July 27, 2018

Guard dog fail

Poor Belle. She tries, but Tommy the feral porch cat is just not taking her seriously.

Even worse, one of the new kittens just booped her on the nose with a kitten paw when she got close to it.

Murphy just shook his head in disgust then ran all the cats off in about half a second just by walking past the doorway and giving them a look. They seem to know that it's best that he not have to step outside. But Belle? Cats be like: "Get your ass back in that house, dog!"


  1. Belle is such a Southern lady (bless her heart).

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Well Belle is a southern lady, she don't need to be "The heavy", that is Murphy's job. She is the "Cooler King", that is her job, LOL

  3. LOL, what a pair... :-)

  4. Awe Miss Belle is such a sweet girl. :o)