Thursday, October 18, 2018

I guess it was Caturday

A couple of weeks ago, a stray cat got into a substation and knocked out power to about 70,000 people for several hours during a very hot day.

This is funny to me because my power didn't go out and my air conditioning stayed on.

But being this area, there was a memorial parade for the cat this past Saturday, complete with a brass band and police escorts, so I took Aaron to his first Second Line parade. And we marched it with drinks and a few of my lady friends.

And then I took him to see Bella Blue, a cat of a different color.


  1. A cat parade in New Orleans sounds like a very good idea - wonderful pastime. Who says that you can't herd cats?

  2. Hey Murphy;

    I think you ruint Aaron, I am sure that he will want to move down to the Big Easy now.