Saturday, November 10, 2018

No more Robert E. Lee, but a statue to Illegals?

I'm still not over the removal of the statues dedicated to Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard last year, done at considerable public expense even though the citizens didn't call for it just because a crummy mayor had higher political ambitions. I'm still mad about that, but I realize that I can't do anything about it until I'm elected President, at which time I'll federalize the sites and put them right back, and put more up in every liberal-run city across America just to remind them that you don't tear down monuments to men that much of America rightly reveres just to get yourself fifteen minutes of cheap camera time.

But now I'm calling for the removal of one. It seems that some doctor here decided to pony up his own cash and commission a statue to--get this--the ILLEGALS who came here for construction jobs after Katrina. You know, the ones who snuck into our country in defiance of our laws, then showed up here and immediately displaced many local workers--US citizens--who were already doing the initial clean-up work.

Dr. donates statue in honor of Latin American workers who helped rebuild N.O.

This doctor actually wants to thank them for "rebuilding" this city, totally overlooking the fact that countless locals were already starting to do it--many of them low-income minority US citizens--when the illegals swarmed in en masse and took their jobs from the contractors who realized that they could pay them a lot less then they were already paying the Americans. And they didn't come here to help us out of love or altruism--they came here for money--the money that would otherwise have gone largely to Americans who'd just gone through Katrina and needed the income. And after stealing the jobs, they either sent much of that cash out of our country or used it to pay smugglers to sneak the rest of their families up here to take advantage of our schools, health care and social services programs. THAT is the legacy of the post-Katrina Illegal wave, and those are the people that this guy thinks deserve honors and a statue.

How about a thank you statue to the police, fire and National Guard who saved all those lives and kept everyone safe? Or recognition of the businesses and banks that reinvested here when there was nothing but hope and empty promises? So many countless thousands actually took risks and did things for the benefit of the city, but this guy can only be grateful to the illegals who broke the law to come here, stole jobs from those already working simply to enrich themselves and attached their families to our social safety net like ticks.

So this guy wants a statue. Fine. He's a myopic jackass but he can have all the statues he wants. Oh wait--he wants the city to give it a place of prominence and spend funds to maintain it. And this being New Orleans, the city agreed. And now it's going into the new Crescent Park where I run many mornings.

I will be taking the dogs here now frequently and encouraging them to put it to the appropriate use.


  1. Okay, that is one step too far. What next, a statue of Marx and Engels, nude?

    Dude, maybe you and some others can borrow a cannon or some other big boom stick from the D-Day museum...