Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pretty Girl

"I'm pretty AF...so pet me and give me a treat!"

Belle has learned a thing or two from the dancers around here.


  1. She sure is pretty.

    And she looks pretty spoiled, too.

    Just like the dancers, right?

    Glad to see you back to posting. Was beginning to wonder.

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Yeah, she is spoiled....well so is Murphy for that matter, LOL. You have done well with Belle especially considering the condition she was in when you got her. Be proud......and bring her another treat...

  3. Good dogbuddy.
    But to have learned directly from dancers (eh.."entertainers"?) she would put her paw on your thigh and lean into you, then put her face a little too close.
    At least that's what a friend told me.

  4. Belle is a mighty fine looking lady - glad to see you back posting! Liked your Rem 11 post as well - have you seen The Highwaymen yet? The gun store scene is great and features a rem 11.

  5. And this surprises you how? :-)