Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Of dogs and decadence

She went to the vet today. Needed a bath bad. Hadn't had one since who knows when and she was greasy and grimy. They said the water turned black and I believe it because she's noticeably lighter now and much more pleasant to touch. Smells better too. The vet techs could not believe the change in her disposition in just a week, from scared and withdrawn to cheerful and loving. She'd doing great.

Back home, she kept me company outside while I tried (and failed) to fix my flood-damaged lawn mower, which apparently went under water while I was in Mexico. I got it from "won't start" to "almost stays running" but I can't quite knack it. I guess it's into the mower shop. Sigh. But she stayed out with me while the other two went right back in for air conditioning. Loyalty.

Now she's dozing on the sofa. Shame on her...but too cute to kick off.

But lest you think it's been all dog all the time, I did get out to Mid-Summer Mardi Gras uptown this week-end. There was a parade and adult beverages were consumed.
Don't try to understand it. You really had to be there.


  1. From where I live, NOLA is a whole 'nuther state of mind...

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Yep, you are enjoying the NoLO atmosphere and you haven't mentioned the back story on Merida.

  3. She looks like such a sweetheart !! The dog that is.

  4. As others have said, good on ya for taking in Merida. We also have a new pooch to go along with our GSD. He's a yellow lab whose owners didn't want to pay for an ACL repair and were going to have him put down (commence cursing at these owners and their type). The vet was a bit disturbed by this request, told them that the dog would be taken in and cared for and that they would give up all 'parental rights'. The only fly in that ointment was the couple's little boy who loved the dog so much and didn't want to lose him either way and who shed many tears. So we helped the vet cover the cost of surgery, and now have a new family member that is recuperating quite well. I just feel sorry for the young man who lost his dog and who has such idiot parents. And it is amazing how resilient pets can be even after experiencing trauma.

  5. If it weren't for my allergies and hurricane phobia, I'd consider living in NOLA. Tried it one in the 60s and it got me highly irregular. Good on ya for taking in the new addition, and glad she's coming out of her shell.

  6. Looks like fun was had, and yes, you've been 'had' by another puppy! :-)

  7. Congratulations for rescuing Merida