Saturday, August 31, 2019

Off we go!

"A walk would be nice," say the big dogs.

But how do we take out new pack sister with us? Oh yeah...Amazon sells wagons!

To be honest, she didn't take to it at first. It was ok to sit in, but moving? Well there's going to need to be some training here.
And we started the training outside.

And the neighbor kids were right there to give her some needed encouragement, and I think that helped a lot.
More to come on this experiment but if it works, she'll have all the mobility that the other two have for evening walkabouts.


  1. That's excellent!

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Looks good, but what is the chances of putting Murphy or belle in harness?

  3. Is she not able to walk on her three good legs? Or is it too soon after the surgery to do that? I am often amazed at how well most dogs and cats and other animals can get around on three legs. I realize I don't have all the facts about her injuries and current status. For temporarily getting around with the pack, the wagon is a neat idea. Hope she can eventually gain back her independent mobility. Again, good on ya for taking her in, and good on Belle and Murphy for helping as well.

    1. She walks ok so far but her sutures aren't even out yet. And even when she can, the long walks that the Shepherds like may be a but much for her. A few blocks? Probably no issue. A few miles? Wagon. At least for a while.