Tuesday, May 26, 2020

America bad, Mom who risks kid's life good.

OK this one got my blood boiling.

10 Years Old, Tearful and Confused After a Sudden Deportation

Typical left sob story about a poor little Honduran kid who is supposedly sad and confused because he got deported. But if you read past the headline, you'll see that he was never really in our country to begin with. His mom wanted to get in here with him, but she apparently could not so she paid money to the smuggling cartels, put her precious child in a raft at night with a bunch of strangers, and blindly launched him across the Rio Grande at our country, expecting our Border Patrol to find him and obligingly turn him over to one of her relatives already here (likely illegally also). Then six days later, she found out that he was back in Honduras and she and her family are now upset that we Americans aren't letting them play us for suckers any more.

Even better, her brother, the boy's uncle, throws shade on America for sending the kid home:
Ricardo Rodríguez Galo, the uncle of the 10-year-old boy who was deported this month, said he was shocked to learn that Gerson had been sent back to Honduras alone... Mr. Rodríguez also wondered about the judgment of American authorities who chose to put a child on a plane without notifying any of his family members, including those who had been waiting in the United States to take the boy into their home.

So no criticism of a woman who gives her kids to strangers in a raft in the middle of the night hoping that they'll just take him into America without molesting him, tossing him out of the raft or abandoning him in the desert. That's ok. But putting him on an airplane and sending him back to government officials in his own country is supposedly a risk for the child? An American citizen who let her kids go on an illegal boat ride with strangers in the middle of the night would lose those kids to Child Protective Services, but these illegals act like they've got free citizenship, welfare swag and a lifetime pass to Disneyland because America wouldn't let hem get away with it. You can't make this stuff up.

But he'll be back, I'm sure. The story also points out the problem of the revolving door deportations:

Some of the children who have been expelled from the United States were previously ordered deported. But historically, even children with prior deportation orders have been given new opportunities to request asylum if they entered the United States again. Now, that appears to have changed.

Sneak in, get caught, claim asylum for no valid reason, ride it out for years, lose and get deported, then sneak right back in and play it all over again.

This right here is why I voted Trump in 2016 and why I'll do it again this year. Well this, our economic gains (covid notwithstanding), my gun rights, and the fact that it makes so many leftists blow their stacks every day.


  1. Funny, a few years back the same sobbing people were fine with a terrified Cuban kid being torn from a relative's arms and deported.

    1. True. And also a few years ago, no one minded that the Obama Administration was "keeping kids in cages" in our detention facilities. I think most of the "support" for illegals these days comes from people who just want to block President Trump no matter what he does.

  2. I am sure that there are many fine people in the illegal community who are here only because they want a better life for themselves and who have not broken any laws other than by coming here. While I sympathize with their situation, I am 100% in favor of sending them ALL back to their country of origin. Simplistic?? You betcha! I'm kinda simple myself.

  3. I wonder if the real issue isn't our immigration laws. When it is cheaper and more expedite to pay the cartels to get across the border, you got to wonder. I wonder if there isn't some graft going on, too. A la, fast and furious.

  4. The insanity of 'it's not illegal to illegally enter' that our democratic 'betters' spout just drives me crazy.

    And they (the illegals and illegal supporters) expect us to take care of every piece of filth and garage that somehow arrives here, except actual refugees from Cuba or South Africa or France or Hong Kong.

    And are the same ones who fought against the South Vietnamese boat people or Hmuong or Laotians escaping SE Asia.


    I'm not saying I'm at the point of setting up remote-controlled machine guns firing onto the RG or along the Border and just waste any two-legged traffic that tries to cross the border by water, land or air. But there's a part of me that has those dark thoughts.

  5. Crazy times... And glad this one got booted back... Sadly, way to many make it through the sieve that is the southern border.