Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Fundraisers for terrorists? Only in America...

Hey, you remember those two terrorist criminals Ivy-League lawyers in New York City who firebombed a police car while wilding over BLM hooliganism, then drove around handing out firebombs to other would-be terrorists before being arrested by police and jailed?

Lawyers arrested for firebombing police car

Turns out their leftist base has been quietly raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for them, because no one who throws bombs should have to worry about paying their rent, right?

Support for Colinford Mattis Almost $340K for this mutt as I write this.

Support for Urooj Rahman Nearly $160K for this terrorista

Thousands of donors. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Money not given to charity; not to the homeless or the elderly or even "poor illegals seeking a life of free shit asylum", but money to well-to-do, privileged bomb-throwing, crowd-endangering terrorists. How do we stop this shit?

Fortunately they're facing federal charges with mandatory minimums and I see prison and disbarment in their futures, but knowing the un-American Left, as soon as these two get out they'll land university professorships or some other prestige position just because the people who hate America despite benefiting from living here always take care of their own kind.

Me, I vote we deport them to Ethiopia in exchange for a couple of random immigrants who want to come here and at least try to be good Americans.


  1. Agreed with your last - if the idiots who are rioting and such and who think the USA is such a shithole country that needs to be "fundamentally restructured", why are they not headed somewhere else? Yeah, it's a bit of a rhetorical question, but I'd love to see deportation ans exile be an option for sentencing of those involved in Antifa and BLM rioting.

  2. I just want some group of doofuses to try their ... up here. And I'm probably not the only one. Once upon a time we disciplined our children. Now we may have to shoot the ones who weren't disciplined.

  3. I agree deport them to Venezuela

  4. America,, so great, even the people who hate it wont leave..

  5. Hey Murphy;

    I would love to swap them for several of the people from Hong Kong that would love to live here and appreciate it rather than the petulant children we have graduating from the universities here, let them go to China and see what real totalitarian government is like.