Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Housewolves

 The Wolfen are still here too.

Murphy's doing well. 

Slowing down a fair bit because he's ancient, but still very much his own dog and official protector of the realm. Just ask the handyman who stopped over to give me an estimate on some work; he left with two bite marks, both of which were fortunately minor, when he surprised Murphy in the yard. But where I'd been planning to get three estimates on the work, this guy got the job right there because I don't need to get sued. So you could say that Murphy hired him.

Belle is still my prima donna.

Queen of the castle and without a doubt the most obedient of the three. In fact Belle is usually the one who goes to the bars with me now, since she, also getting up in age, prefers to just go sleep in the corner or the unused DJ booth while I have my drinks. Sometimes she even gets a solo trip to the park because she still likes longer walks than the other two and there's no reason to hold her back just because.

And then there's Merida, aka Rat Dog, Little Weird Dog, and Baby Murder Dog.

This little hellion has really come into her own. She's banned from the dog parks because she fights every dog she sees. And even though she only has three legs and no front teeth, She clobbers dogs twice her size, even if muzzled, and she's also killed two of my chickens so far. (Yep, I decided to try the egg thing while sitting idle during the Coronabore.) I love this little dog to pieces, and she's cuddly and sugar sweet around people, but she can't be around any animals other than Murphy and Belle, whom she adores. I don't know what her life was before I got her, but clearly violence was a part of it. We're going to keep working on it though. Meantime, she's found her spot here and has literally no fucks to give.

They've been getting lots of attention these past few months and are likely beyond spoiled, but they still know who the boss is, or at least they pretend to when I'm here.


  1. Good to see that you and the dogs are still among the living!

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Glad to see you and the Hamsters doing well, admit it, you are support staff, LOL

  3. Good to see you posting again.

  4. Yep, Murphy is getting gray... sigh... Glad they're all doing well and getting along!

  5. Great pics showing the personalities of the three mutts. Glad they all found such a good laborer to take good care of them. We used to take our black GSD to our favorite restaurant and bar - she would curl up at our feet and no one would know she was there unless we knew them or they looked real hard for some reason. Our current GSD hasn't gotten to that point yet, mainly because we don't go out as much. Tugs a little at your heart to see them get grey and slow down, doesn't it?

  6. Good to hear all is well in the doggie world