Friday, November 07, 2008

A Floridiot is angry

We call them "Floridiots" because of stuff like this.
Fort Lauderdale resident Brian Nelson celebrated President-elect Barack Obama's victory Tuesday night by honking his car horn on North Federal Highway. He beep-beeped every couple of blocks — until a police officer pulled him over.

At Oakland Park Boulevard, Officer Raymond Martucci gave Nelson a ticket. The infraction? Excessive use of horn, Florida Statute 316.271. It carries a $90 fine.

Outraged, Nelson, 46, e-mailed a complaint to Mayor Jim Naugle's office and called the Police Department's internal affairs unit, saying he felt he was targeted unfairly.

"The incident is being reviewed by the agency," police spokesman Sgt. Frank Sousa said Thursday. "He [Nelson] has the same due process rights as any other citizen and can appeal the ticket in court."
So here's Brian Nelson, driving down the road acting like a total asshole and bothering everyone with his horn which is meant to be used only as an emergency warning device, and he gets pulled over. Now there's no way that the officer knew what this jerk's political ideology was--he pulled him over because Nelson was making unnecessary noise, and when he found out that there was no emergency--the reason cars have horns--he wrote Nelson a ticket. It happens, and life goes on.

But Nelson is one of those Liberal types who can't stand tall like a man and take responsibility for his actions. He called the police department's Internal Affairs division, the Mayor, and apparently the media after he found out that the ticket wasn't going to be pulled.

I've written horn tickets in rare cases where people were blowing them inappropriately. There is a law against it, and we're expected to enforce that law, especially when some tool is doing it right in front of us in the public eye. And every one that I've written has been upheld by the judge because I was able to document exactly what was happening both before and after the stop. (I'll bet you $100 that Nelson had an attitude with the officer too. That kind always does.)

Now that it's over and done with, Nelson needs to butch up, stop whining, and pay the ticket like a man. Failing that, he needs to go to court, as the sergeant says--not try to stop the whole world because he doesn't like a consequence that follows his own stupid actions.

The fact that he got cited for blowing the horn in ecstasy over Obama taking over is just a bit of Karma coming back on him. If the world were truly just, everyone who voted for Obama would have been fined $90.00 just for that. But the world's not that just. However it doesn't excuse Nelson from driving around blowing his horn like a boob.


  1. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Oh brother! What a nimrod.

  2. LOL! What an assclown! I'd run the idiot off the damn road!

    Now post more pics of your dog dammit! Some of us need to see more pics!

    Some of you would be nice also;) Ooops I typed that out loud?? Blame it on lack of sleep:(

  3. Dog pics may follow shortly. But as for me...well I don't show up on film.