Monday, May 18, 2009

Idiot of the day--the Fat Guy from Budget Pest Control

So here I am, trying to get gas today. I pull into the gas station and observe a line of three cars on one side of the pump island (one filling and two waiting), and one vehicle on my side. I note when I pull up to it that it's parked with it's gas tank door away from the pump and that there's a two gallon gas can sitting next to the pump in front of the truck--a white small pick-up bearing the logo of a local small company, Budget Pest Control.

OK, I figure. This shouldn't take long. Obviously the guy just went in to give the cashier a few bucks to fill the gas can. I can wait.

And wait I did. While I waited, the car on the other side of the island finished fueling. Then the second car pulled up to the pump, completely fueled up, and left. Finally, after I (and the cars in line behind me) waited almost five minutes--and the third car on the other side is filling--out of the gas station waddles this fat crotch monkey with a big sack o' groceries. He walks around to the driver's door of the Budget Pest Control truck, puts them inside, and then calmly waddles over to the gas can and begins to fill it, totally oblivious to or unconcerned about all of us who have been sitting here while he blocked the pump because he was too lazy to park right then either get in line or just walk over with his gas can after he finished his shopping.

And to set the scene properly, let me explain that this gas station has numerous parking spots away from the pumps for people who want to buy store goods, and there are signs right on the pumps that tell people to park in those spots before going into the store to buy groceries.

You would not think that a sign would be needed to tell people this, but this certified ass-hat in his Budget Pest Control truck has just validated that need. And he still ignored it and several people had to just sit and clench their teeth while he was inside the store buying pork rinds and moon pies instead of actually buying gas from the pump that his truck was parked in front of.

Now to be fair, I have no idea how this guy is at his job. Having Googled his business, I have concluded that he's his own sole employee as he operates out of his house at 79 Muskrat Run, a rather seedy dirt-road subdivision not too far from this gas station. But judging by his thoughtlessness exhibited here at the gas station, I would never trust this bozo to spray toxins in and around my house because I doubt that he's sharp enough to kill all the pests and not kill me, Lagniappe, my neighbors, etc. I also doubt that he'd be considerate enough to do the right thing and correct any problems that I would probably find with his job after he left--people who are this inconsiderate generally aren't too worried about their reputations and can be counted on to provide poor customer service.

So if you need pest control in the Harpers Ferry, West Virginia area and you want someone who is actually smart enough to pour piss out of a boot, I'd recommend that you avoid this guy like the plague.


  1. A little venting feels great, doesn't it? :):)

  2. There is a certain segment of society that truly exist on another dimension.

    They exist without much regard for their appearance , hygiene , manners , driving skill , common sense or discretion.

    The long term effects of living this lifestyle also lead them to be oblivious as to their annoyance to the rest of us who DO care about our appearance, hygiene, manners, driving skill and discretion.

    In summation , thay have sunk to a depth where they will likley remain to eke out a meager existence for the rest of their lives. To them....they are normal and we are the " odd ones".

    They also tend to accumulate more than their fair share of government services.

  3. Now darling... I can't believe you wouldn't mention the obnoxious, invective-filled comment you threw in this guy's direction when he came back!

    (Note: I wasn't there, but we both know that's par for the course!)

  4. Nicki, do I really have to blog about two darling kids in a back seat who recently recited some of the things that their mother calls other drivers?

  5. Honey, do I really need to remind you whose darling kids heard someone hurl invective at a couple of geriatrics for walking to their car too slowly in the Gander Mountain parking lot?

  6. I was not talking TO those old people.
    Those old people did not hear me.
    And those old people were seriously and unreasonably in the way. Sue me.

  7. So my yelling in a CLOSED vehicle at someone who is sitting at a green light, not moving, because they're studiously picking their nose is NOT OK, but you yelling at a couple of octogenarians for moving slowly is acceptable?

    Hrumph! :-p

  8. Well! I reckon that's settled!