Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bedwetting liberal travel writer won't go to Arizona any more

Say it ain't so!

Arthur Frommer, some travel writer that I admittedly have never heard of before, now says that he won't go to Arizona any longer because that state allows people to (Gasp!) carry guns in public and he fears that he might get killed.

Yeah, ok. Whatever. Apparently he's not noticed the massive disparity in violent crime rates between Arizona and other places where law-abiding citizens can carry guns and places like New York City--his own chosen city of residence--where law-abiding citizens are disarmed by law and the criminal class has a monopoly on the use of force. Of course anyone who reads his column will figure out that his proposed boycott has more to do with his slavish devotion to Barack Obama than anything else, but still...

So he boycotts Arizona. I'm sure that the people of Arizona are all heartbroken that he won't be visiting them any time soon. That's gotta be like finding out that Pee Wee Herman and Richard Simmons can't make your Super Bowl party.

Fuck Aurthur Frommer. and same goes for his travel business. Personally I would have a hard time trusting the recommendations of some old guy who really thinks that I and my family (and dog) would actually be safer in Central Park after dark than on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.


  1. I love it when some idiot irks you.. :):)

  2. I guess we won't have Frommer to kick around in Arizona anymore. Oh well...

  3. Tell him that there are only two states that do not permit people to carry guns in public. To keep himself safe, he needs to cut off his Internet access and hide in his basement.

  4. He;s worried that he might get killed in Arizona because people carry guns?

    Perhaps Mr. Frommer is a closet criminal...

  5. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Frommer gets paid big bucks to go to all these cities, and the restaurants, hotels etc... for FREE so he can then make a book every year of the BEST places to say and what to see. I have a few of his books when I was traveling abroad. I WILL NEVER BUY one AGAIN. This pussy who is an American is afraid of Arizona??? Come on now. We know he voted for OBAMBI, just another sheeple showing his colors without coming out and saying what his affiliation is. I hope they throw his ass out of every state, so his book sales are nothing but on a yardsale rack.

    I can't WAIT to go to my next tea party and carry open........... I am going to be loaded to the gills, with whatever I can strapon..... NO PUN INTENDED!!! LOL

    Peace to you and Nickie....and of course that damn dog you got... LOL

  6. It's going to be Frommer's loss - not the state's. As someone said, he got a whole lot of stuff for free to do his articles. I'm sure there will be someone else who doesn't soil his panties or wet his bed at the thought of a gun who will step into his spot.

    What a tool!