Sunday, April 18, 2010

Interesting observation

So yesterday, I hapened to find myself down in Washngton, DC. While there, I wandered past the White House along Pennsylvania Avenue. I used to really enjoy doing that, but it's hard to feel the national pride there that I once did. Maybe it'll come back in 2013...

Anyway, I couldn't help but notice the groups and individuals that were there demonstrating. One large group was made up of Iranians who were protesting something that the Iranian government was doing. Another guy--a regular, according to a Secret Service guy I talked with--was an Egyptian (and a radical muslim cleric with a Secret Service and an FBI history). He's apparently miffed at something that his government is doing. And of course both demonstrations also sought to coerce America "do something" about the issues.

Only in America do people come from all over the world to protest their own governments and demand that ours take action.

I thought about asking some of them why they don't stage these protests in their own countries where their own leaders might see them, but the answer was self-obvious--they'd be killed if they tried it. Only here in America do people have that freedom, that right, no matter who they are or what their cause is.

Let's just hope that we, the People, can reign Obama in before he takes that right away from us.


  1. I was also in DC a while back and thought about applying to tour the White House but immediately rejected the idea for the same reason. Pure disgust.

  2. Dang, wish I had known you were up here, we could have gone shooting yesterday :-)