Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama the insult comic and his America-bashing pal Flippy.

First of all, it's bad enough that Barack Obama has been, since his coronation, the least patriotic president that America has ever seen. I mean, all he does is go around the world apologizing for our country's greatness, our culture that influences the world, and our history, which includes freeing more people from the yoke of oppressive governments than any other nation on the planet has ever even tried to free. The arrogant jerk has never, as far as I know, stood up and told the world what a fantastic country that America is or spoken of our liberties and freedoms and the opportunities that all are afforded here. Rather than defend our record on human rights and liberty--a record which is second to no other--he constantly beats his chest and apologizes to anyone who will listen, including third-world tyrants and the Communist Chinese. And sitting here listening to his hand-picked emissaries telling the Red Chinese that our record on human rights is shameful--and directly citing the people of Arizona and their new immigration law (a law which I believe that Obama still has not read) is nothing less than a malfeasance worthy of impeachment, IMHO. The guy was given the job of President of the United States, and that includes Arizona, last I looked. His job, quite frankly, is to stand up for the people of Arizona, not to castigate them on the world stage and insult them, and when they're disparaged, he should be the first one to defend them.

But alas, Barky doesn't have that sort of worldview. He's shown us over and over again that his preferred role is one of a critic, or an insult comic, and if America-bashing gets him in better with the other world leaders--especially the ones that are only respected by leftist college kids--well then he's on that like Rosie O'Donnell on a taco. Hell, he can't even dignify the office of the President by wearing a tie while conducting official business. I saw him on the news last night getting off of Marine One, and I noticed two things. First, he didn't even bother to acknowledge the Marine guards. Unlike Presidents Bush and Reagan, who almost always returned their salutes with at least a wave or a nod, B.O. just brushed right past these men--men who are undoubtedly a hundred times the men that he could even hope to be. And second--his collar was unbuttoned and he wasn't wearing a tie as he waved to the media cameras. Wow, but we've come a long ways since the days when President Reagan refused to even take his jacket off in the Oval Office.

Of course President Reagan would never have derided and mocked the citizens of a U.S. state like Obama has done to the people of Arizona. (Or Pennsylvania...remember his crack about bitter people clinging to their guns and religion?) And President Reagan would never have let a tinpot ruler like Felipe (henceforth pronounced "Flippy") Calderon come into our country and stand up not only at our White House but before a joint session of our Congress and rip into us for Arizona's laws which are intended to remove those illegally in that state--criminals who enter almost entirely from Mexico. And then as the Democrats give him standing ovation after standing ovation--and as Republicans refuse to stand up and walk out on him--he goes further and blames us for his country's crime, saying that our drug users and our gun laws are the big problem.

Well screw you, Flippy--while it's true that we do have a fair number of losers in our country who care more about getting high than they do about all of the people murdered or maimed by the drug dealers, the last I checked, we have TWO borders that drugs come over and CANADA has yet to produce these massive, violent drug, Flippy--it's just your nation that's chosen that path. And our guns? Well if you really don't want our guns in yours country, then you should support a serious border fence just like most real Americans do. With a serious border betwen our countries, your drugs and citizens stay in your country, and our guns stay in our country. Sounds like a win/win, eh? I mean, the only way that you could oppose that idea would be if you received a greater benefit from the drugs and illegal aliens coming into our country than you do from our guns entering yours.

What's that?

cue crickets chirping.

Anyway, back on topic--only in an Obama-led America do we get people like Flippy Calderon coming here and telling us how badly we as a nation and a people suck while our President stands next to him, grinning like a fool. I wish Andrew Jackson was still president...Old Hickory would have likely busted Flippy in the mouth on the spot and then declared war on his sorry excuse for a country and taken it over. But worries there. When he hears an America-basher winding up, he'd rather shuck and jive and scream "Right on!"

Two and a half more years of this moron... Sheesh. I can only hope that the fools who voted for him--or didn't show up to vote against him--have wised up by them. I also hope that we still have a country by then.


  1. barack hussein obama and his regime are embarrassments to America and to the legacy that has brought us to this point.

    Had he lived in Colonial times he would have been a mulatto slave, but had he been all white and not just half white, he'd have made a fine stooge for King George - a royal governor mocking the colonists.

  2. Equally as sickening was the repeated ovations that were given Calderon as he scolded us for a problem that his country has largely created.

    One thing that Calderon said which I agree with is that our appetite for drugs has helped create the problem of narco-warfare.

    Think about that, America the next time you spark up a fatty or do a line of crank or blow.

  3. Agreed... sigh...

  4. Anonymous10:29 PM

    P.O.litle Barry and his puppet Flippy

  5. We're hoping that on Barack's next state visit to Arizona, Governor Jan asks to see his papers.