Thursday, July 08, 2010

Verdict in in Oakland BART shooting trial--Involuntary manslaughter

Former Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Officer Johannes Mehserle was just found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for his shooting of career thug Oscar Grant on New Years' Day, 2009. Grant, who was drunk and high and only a few months out of prison after several drug convictions and one for carrying a gun, was part of a mob of disorderly punks who were tearing up the BART station and resisting attempts by BART police to arrest them. During the arrest process, as Grant was fighting off attempts to cuff him, Officer Mehserle went to use his TASER on Grant and accidentally drew his sidearm and shot Grant instead. This was unfortunate and clearly there was some poor training involved here, but it was a far cry from the deliberate murder that many Oakland thugs tried to make it out to be. After the shooting, the fools in Oakland rioted and tore up/burned down parts of their own community. And if it wasn't bad enough that the local trash burned out many of the businesses trying to make a go of it there, it turned out that many of the rioters who were arrested weren't even from Oakland--they were punk white kid wanna-be anarchists who traveled to Oakland just to be a part of the destruction.

Now mind you, I'll never feel sorry for Oakland, because as we've already seen in this incident and in the one where another Oakland thug named Lovell Mixon murdered four police officers to the cheers of his fellow street thugs, Oakland is nothing but a third-world city comprised of ex-cons and welfare queens and it's total destruction would only be a boon to America.

So now what? Will Oakland burn again? Will the city's criminal element embark on a spree of arson, assaults and mayhem? And if they do, will the forces of law and order be allowed to stop them by any means necessary, or will the liberals in charge restrain them and let the carnage play on? We'll just have to see what tomorrow's news brings us.

As for tonight, my thoughts are with the public safety professionals in and around Oakland. Stay safe and be careful, my brothers and sisters. Do what you have to do in order to ensure that you go home in the morning.

UPDATE: Yep. The savages are out again in Oakland. Fires burning, stores looted, and over 80 arrested as of this morning, with an expectation that the numbers will rise before it's over.No Justice, No Peace--so rip off a Footlocker store...and then wonder why after that store refuses to reopen in your neighborhood, the stores in the surrounding communities really don't seem all that welcoming when you swagger in.

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