Thursday, July 08, 2010

Stupid liberal tricks.

This week's "Stupid Liberal" award winner has to be George Dunn of George Dunn Engineering, Palm Springs, CA.

George, demonstrating the tolerance and compassion that so many liberals have, sent the following e-mail to Michelle Malkin yesterday:
from George Dunn
date Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 7:06 PM
subject How Does a Dishonest CUNT Like You Exist?
hide details 7:06 PM (3 hours ago)

You are a true pathetic human being. Sad actually.

George Dunn, P.E.
Rather un-civil for a civil engineer, wouldn't you say?

Now this is so typical of liberals today. There's absolutely no effort made in this e-mail to discuss or debate anything--George's sole purpose was to hurl an obscenity at a woman who dared express an opinion that differed from George's. But George, being so smart and forward-thinking, sent his obscene insult from his work e-mail and had to write Michelle back and ask her nicely to take his work e-mail address down from her site. And showing much more class than George had shown her, she did.
From Michelle's site:
Update: George Dunn has asked me to take his company name down (which I did), requested that I take down his e-mail (which I will not), and then sent me an “apology” with this laughable comment: “Still, I stand by my statement that the rhetoric being used on both sides of the aisle has ruined the chance to have an honest political debate in this country.”

Yep, the nutball who called me a “c**t” from his work e-mail is moaning about the lost opportunity to “have an honest political debate in this country.”

Ouch. Ow. Stomach hurting from laughing so hard. Ow.
Of course, by the time she removed it from her site, the original post with his company name had already been cached by Google and many other web-crawlers and now it's preserved electronically forever, just waiting to be viewed anew by any of George's potential clients who might be looking for his contact information on the internet.

For those who found this post looking for his address, I'll be nice. It's George Dunn Engineering, Palm Springs, California 92262. He has a website too, but as of this writing, it's apparently been turned off.
Heh, heh, heh...

Cue Homer Simpson: "DOH! Stupid internet..."


  1. He got what he deserved... sigh... It's people like him who think 'they' know best.

  2. Looks like someone needs a copy of Robert Fulghum's "All I Ever Needed Know I Learned In Kindergarten...".

  3. Kudos for preserving this! Great blog and links. I'll bookmark this and visit more often.

  4. Actually Google's cache has been changed, deleting Dunn's company affiliation.

    Thanks for preserving it.