Saturday, October 16, 2010

Choking one's own foot.

Every once in a while, we have the opportunity to either say something totally stupid (as I was once alleged to have done here) or witness someone else stepping on their own Johnson, as this clerk at a local 7-11 store did today when I was in getting coffee and more ice cream for Lagniappe.

I shop there more days than I don't, and this clerk has always been a smart-ass with the customers, almost to the point of being a punk. He means well, and I'm sure that he's a nice kid, but he's got no filter.

As I'm getting my coffee, an attractive young lady walks into the store in a little black dress, complete with stockings and high heels. Now mind you, it's 10AM or thereabouts. Junior behind the counter sees her, and he whistles loudly, then says: "Damn, girl! Look at you doing the walk of shame! Who was last night's lucky fella?"

She stops and her mouth drops open. Then with the whole store looking on, she responds:

"I'm going to a funeral, you asshole!"

Then she turned and stormed out, leaving him there looking like West Virginia's biggest loser. And it sure was awful quiet in that store for the next few minutes.

I'm still shaking my head. That's probably gonna leave a mark on his next employee review in the "customer service" box.


  1. They're everywhere. But this one sounds like a real gem.

  2. Unfortunately, the only known cure for this form of Hoof and Mouth disease is death.

  3. That is truly sad... People just continue to show their innate stupidity...

  4. That kid would not have lasted a day at the now defunct drugstore where I worked when I was in high school. The old man knew that his business depended upon the good will of his customers, and insisted that every one of them be treated with respect and efficiency.

    Unfortunately, this kid at the 7-11 is neither the only nor the most clueless one behind the counters of America's retail establishments. I have seen far worse behavior by others.

  5. No filter. You were being kind.

    No manners. Yes.

    The young lady showed class in just walking out.

  6. Anonymous8:34 PM

    If I were the manager he would be jobless.

  7. The kid means well, but he's an idiot. He gets overly-familiar with everyone trying to be their pal.

    In my own case, he's come to learn that I carry a concealed firearm. He's made mention of it in front of other customers more than once, and I actually had to pull him aside and tell him that it was inappropriate to do that. He just thinks that he's making conversation. Not exactly a social scientist, this one.

  8. Bless his heart--I hope that actually makes him think TWICE before saying something stupid next time. Probably not, though.

  9. Brings the Peter Principle to mind, but most folks go a lot longer before reaching their terminal level of competence. Not a bright future in store for that one.