Sunday, November 14, 2010


So last night, I had a date with a rather attractive and engaging young lady. All was going so well until we stopped into a local bar that happened to have a TV on. as we were talking and enjoying a drink, the news happened to show Obama on his vacation trip abroad. At this time, the lady whom I'd thought was so intelligent and refined looked at me and gushed: "Don't you just love the way that he keeps soldiering on after the election? It's like they just can't bring him down."

Normally I might have held my tongue, at least until after breakfast, however I'd had a couple of drinks and I felt the need to explain that he was not "soldiering" because he'd never had what it takes to be a solider. More to the point, he's over there in Indonesia visiting yet another mosque and running America down, and he still doesn't grasp the concept that his actions and statements are exactly what led to the historic smacking of his party this past election.

"So you don't really like Obama?" she asked.

"No, I don't."

"You're not one of the Tea Party people, are you?" The look on her face gave me a good idea as to where this night was going.

"No, I'm just a regular decent American who wants the government out of his life. But enough about me. What do you like about the guy?"

"Well he passed health care, so now I won't have to pay for health insurance next year."

"What?! You don't actually think that you're going to get free health insurance, do you?"

"Yes. Most of the country is getting it."

I sighed. The night went downhill fast as I fruitlessly tried to explain that not only was she not getting free anything, but her health care costs--and other expenses--are about to skyrocket right along with mine and everyone else's because of her idol and his policies. But she wasn't having any of it and the evening ended shortly thereafter. There was no good-night kiss and I'm certain that my number was deleted from her phone about as fast as hers was from mine.

The sad part is that she votes, and all the Dems ever have to do to win is appeal to people like her and make sure that enough of them show up on election day to cancel the rest of us out, plus one.

Meanwhile, I just walked in the door to be greeted by Lagniappe, the look on his face saying: "You're home early...and alone."

Break out the Bushmills, Dog. I'm pretty tolerant and my standards are a little low these days, but dating a DEMOCRAT? Can't do it.


  1. Hey, remember who's in charge of these operations. Is it gonna be your brain or your p***s?

  2. Won't intelligent women date you?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

  3. LOL, Raz. Unbelievable at it may seem, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and Condi Rice were all busy that night.

  4. We can only hope that the "free" services emanating from Obamacare include free lobotomies for the folks such as your non-conquest. She's clearly delusional.

    She actually said out loud that she won't have to pay for healthcare/insurance next year?!?!

    Better dating through better vetting, pal.

    Sorry your evening sucked, but you were right. If the brain is screaming the other parts often won't do their jobs!

  5. There isn't enough tequila in the world for me to cozy up to a liberal, not matter how long the dry spell.

    I briefly dated one fellow I really liked, worked in defense intelligence, thought the fact that I had a gun was cool, til he mentioned that he didn't think CIVILIANS should have guns (I guess I was exempt with the whole squirrel thing).

    Buh Bye!

    For what it's worth, my best first date involved a flight in my plane and then shooting zombie targets.

  6. Indeed they walk among us...sigh. Better luck next time!

    I cannot fathom the depths of stupid that it takes to believe "the gubmint will take care of us."

    BTW - Was Lagniappe givin' you that toothy dog "Bwahahaha" sorta look? Heh, they know.

  7. LOL- Well, I guess better before than after... at least the regrets are less... :-)

  8. To paraphrase Fancy Nancy, you had to pass this date in order to know what was in her!

  9. Oh great, it's stories like that that keep me from venturing back into the dating world...

  10. Yeah, Democrats/leftists/anti-gunners are off-limits for me. I've dated a psychotic before... never again.

    I salute you for trying, though. (raises mug)

  11. Don't date pod-people no matter how pretty or even submissive.