Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cats get it, Democrats don't.

So We're two weeks into "Operation Pop-a-Cat" and I can report more success than I expected. It seems that the neighbor's feral cats have learned that they don 't like being pegged with airsoft pellets and they've figured out that if they come over on our property, they're likely to get popped with one. When I started this, there were literally more cats in my yard than I could shoot at, and they just looked at me with disdain when I stepped out my door. But now, two weeks later, they're scarce, and the ones that I do see over here staking out my bird feeders take off like lightning as soon as they hear my door open. The result is that I'm already seeing more birds on the feeders and more squirrels on the ground. I prefer either to those nasty cats, so it seems as if this operation's working well.

That aside, it's also good shooting practice and a lot of fun to zero in on the cats and whack 'em. It doesn't hurt them but it's sure unpleasant (for the cat) and it never gets old to lay a hit on a cat half way across the yard or even clean down by the road and hear that "Mrowr!" as they take off running. But fun as it is, I rarely seem to get a shot at the same cat more than once or twice. Frankly I'm surprised that the cats have figured out what's going on as quick as they have, but it it keeps the little rocket scientists off my land, I'm good with it.

In other news, the Democrats are poised to re-elect Nancy Pelosi to lead them in the next Congress, and she's going around claiming that her party didn't take a historic drubbing because of her or her policies.

How is it there cats get get it enough to change their ways when you punish them but Democrats don't? Are cats smarter than Democrats?

On second thought, don't even bother answering that.


  1. Does Lagniappe get his turn at poppong a few?

  2. Pigeon-memory is about 30 seconds. If I pop one, 3-4 will leave the power line in my backyard and if I immediately pop another, they'll all go. But if I wait 30 seconds or so before that second shot, the remainder will forget that anything happened and only 3-4 will leave with the second shot. Since I sometimes get 20+, patience means I get more practice.
    If pigeons are worth 8 points because of their size, what do I get for bopping a Grackle at 50' with a 1911 air soft? Is that a Heineken?