Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stop--or my mom will shoot!

So I had my dear, saintly mother visiting for a few days over Thanksgiving. And naturally, I had to take her shopping on the day know, that "Black Friday" day, which is apparently named for it's resemblance to the panic and mob action that was so typical during the Black Death plagues in Britain back in the old days.

Anyway, since we were out, I stopped at the range to exercise my 1911A1. I put a bag of ammo downrange, and being the good son, I handed it to my dear, saintly mother--the one who was once avowedly anti-gun (she tolerates them nowadays) and gave her a bit of elementary coaching which resulted in her bagging a trophy-quality paper plate.Look--four hits. Way to go, Mom!

Actually, since I was paying close attention to her gun-handling, I have no idea where the other rounds went. But hearing no screaming from the adjoining ranges or the parking area, I'm assuming that they at least hit the berm somewhere. She's not exactly Annie Oakley yet, but she's at least safe. Notice that she knows to keep her fingers off the trigger.

Hey--it's a start.


  1. Woo-hoo!! :)

    I taught my mom how to shoot, too, last year. Bought her a gun for Mother's Day, helped her get her permit, and took her out to the range. My anti-gun parents now owns a handgun and a rifle. :) Now....if I can just convince my sister that guns are okay..... ;)

  2. And in the picture, the hammer is not cocked and -- best of all -- Mom's finger is *not* on the trigger.

    WTG, Teach!

  3. Alright Mom! I think she's ready for the Zombie Wars.

  4. Anonymous2:20 PM

    There is a grizzle mother not to toy with.

  5. Nice! She DEFINITELY would have gotten the perp's attention! :-)

  6. Way to go MOM!!!