Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh no he didn't....

I was driving into town to take care of a couple of small errands, and they were playing a bit of Barak Obama's lastest speech. It was just a snippet, but damned if he didn't say this:
Everyone should be prepared to give up something in order to solve our budget challenges...
Oh, HELL NO! I almost drove into a pole when I heard that.

First off, Barry, there would not be "budget challenges" today had you not recklessly spent so much more money than we had in our public treasury that our great grandkids will still be working on paying down that debt in addition to their own tax burdens. I had nothing to do with our present federal debt--in fact, I spoke out against every one of your spending plans and your election itself. It's not MY fault and I shouldn't have to sacrifice a damned thing. You're the one who caused the budget crisis, Barry, by jamming through an unaffordable health insurance scheme that most of the country did not want when you did it (one which even more oppose now) and by your so-called "stimulus" packages, which basically stimulated nothing except the bank accounts of the labor unions that supported you. So if anyone needs to be "sacrificing", Barry, it's YOU. How about we start by putting an end to all of these lavish family vacations every couple of months. You don't need to be taking all of these trips, particularly the ones to places outside our country where the money spent doesn't even trickle down to Americans.

I'd also say that the Democrats who were complicit in your wealth redistribution stunts should sacrifice too, but many of them did this past election because America was pissed and took the first opportunity to remove them from control of the House, a prelude of things to come when you run for re-election in 2012.

Aside from that, the only other parties who should sacrifice anything at all to atone for your actions are those union members who supported you and your party and who got so much of our money in return. Personally I'm thinking that we need legislation to bar labor unions from spending a single penny on public elections or campaigns, and I hope that the newly-elected representatives of the American people across this great nation continue to work to restrict collective bargaining and reduce the ability of these greedy organizations to extort money from businesses, the public treasury, and every worker across this land who doesn't want to be a union member but has been forced to pay dues by "closed shop" rules which mandate it. I also want to see the repeal of the Davis Bacon Act which mandates that non-union employees be paid at the prevailing wage (read: union scale) if they work on government jobs. In fact, I want to see the ability of government workers or contractors on union jobs to unionize abolished completely. You want to work for us (We, the People.) then you need to give up some of that high-wage pie and and associated right to strike. (That'd be a "sacrifice", so Barry undoubtedly approves.)

Frankly, a lot of other people are starting to get these ideas too, and with any luck--and a stronger non-Democrat majority in 2013, we can make some of all of it happen.

I'm thinking that the abolition of public-sector unions, the elimination of the "closed shop" and the prohibition against remaining unions like the UAW or AFL-CIO and SEIU engaging in any political activity aimed at electing legislators or passing/blocking legislation might be a good down-payment on the debt owed to the American public courtesy of the actions of Barack Obama and his band of constitutional scofflaw cronies.


  1. Like the way you're thinking. Unions are a cancer.

  2. Yup, with you all the way on that one.

  3. Agree 100% on the restrictions on spending!!! and the rest too!

  4. Has BHO said "malaise" yet? If he hasn't, I'm sure he will...

  5. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Barry could start in the cut back department by leaving his personal trainer in Chicago.

  6. NE--if you've got something to say, say it. I may or may not post it, depending on whether or not you can manage to stop putting links in the comments and whether or not I deem the post to be worthwhile. But taking the attitude that you're here to "correct" me and others probably isn't going to win you many points, and last I checked, this is a privately-created and run blog, If you want unrestricted posting rights, start your own.

    I'm usually pretty tolerant of guest-commenters, but at the end of the day, this is still my house.

  7. I got nothing to add.. :)
    Was required to join the NEA once.. Lasted 3 months.. *shudder*