Thursday, June 30, 2011

Common sense fail

Idiots and guns. Never a good combination.

Lee County sheriff's deputies say a Sanford man shot and killed himself while showing friends the safety of his new gun.

Deputies say the death of 23-year-old Randall Trent Butler was an accident.

Capt. Jeff Johnson says there is nothing to indicate foul play.

Johnson says some friends were in Butler's girlfriend's home when he showed them the safety features of his .22-caliber pistol.

The captain says Butler showed them the safety and how the gun would not fire. Johnson says after Butler pulled the trigger and it didn't fire, he showed them the slide action, put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger again.

Johnson says Butler apparently failed to re-engage the safety.


  1. At least he offed himself and not one of the friends.

  2. unfortunately, common sense is not really all that common. So many folks lack it.

  3. What Moogie P said.
    I posted a link to your post, thank you.
    Darwin at work.
    I suspect more than one of The Four Rules wasn't observed.

  4. Right up there with a Darwin out of Bawlmer this morning - woman fell asleep while smoking in bed (first fail) and using oxygen (Darwin Darwin Darwin!)

  5. Apparently attended the Terry Kath seminar on gun safety...

  6. Just another Darwin award winner I guess.

    You know 200 years ago society was so dangerous that stupid people tended to get killed early in life before they could breed.

    And as society got safer more idiots lived long enough to pass on their genes.

    And this is how socialism grew, more and more were bred and lived long enough to pass on their genes. They are called liberals. The same ones who call all others slope-heads.

    A good depression and a world war might just put us back on track (if it does not kill us all.) And I don't know if I should pray for it or against it.