Saturday, July 09, 2011

Saturday Man Movie

Since this one was discussed in the comments last week, I moved it to the head of the Queue. Steve McQueen, as Bullit, doing bad things to a vintage Mustang in 1968.

The Dodge Charger didn't come off too well, either.

This was back when they really made movies. No computer graphics here. Real stunts.


  1. This video sponsored by Kansas Jack, bringing you precision frame straightening equipment for 55 years.

    ...OK, 13 years when this film was made.

    I had trouble following all the dialogue.

    At the 1:05 and 7:04 marks, those Pontiac Tempests had bumper stickers that read: I wanna be a GTO when I grow up.

    And even though I saw a couple of new Fiat 500s in North Texas this week, no sign of their namesake in this film sequence. They coulda used one for a 'splat' or maybe to send rolling sideways down the street into the bay, for comedic effect.

    Nice cameo for the 1897 Winchester, before being resurrected by Cowboy Action Shooting.

  2. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Not "vintage" in 1968...

  3. Love, love, love this car chase scene. Everyone tslks about The French Connection. It was good but this is prime beef.

  4. My favorite! They can't make anything like this without computer help any more. wimps.

  5. They don't make cars that sound like that any more. Big block V-8's in full roar! There's nothing like it.