Monday, August 15, 2011

Britain's out of control welfare state

While elements of the British government now protest the decision to cut convicted rioters off from lavish welfare benefits that all too often support able-bodied young men and women at a rate higher than that obtainable by many who actually work full time, we now see a ridiculous example of the British largess in the form of a family from Somalia who arrived in that country three years ago. Neither adult in the household has ever worked since arriving in England, choosing instead to jump right on the benefits wagon. They were living in a taxpayer-funded apartment but decided that it was "too far away from friends and relatives" so they moved into another home in a neighborhood that they liked better...and a house that cost 2 million British Pounds (or $3,200,000 US) and just slugged the British taxpayers with the bill...and that bill was accepted!

The new six-bedroon house for this family of welfare Somalians--people who aren't even British citizens--is costing the British taxpayers 8,000 Pounds a month, or $13,000 US! And that doesn't even include the othher welfare benefits that this family is soaking up.

Raj Sohal, the family’s previous landlord, said: ‘It was the first time I’d rented to an asylum seeker family. I did it because I felt sorry for them. The fact is they were on every kind of benefit available.

But were the Somolians grateful? Apparently not. Sohal told The People newspaper that they’d gone without paying the last month’s rent.

So the British government gave them money for the rent, and they just pocketed it and stiffed the landlord. Model citizens, eh?

It is unclear how many children the family have – but up to eight youngsters have been seen at the property. When approached by The People, Mr Khaliif said: ‘This is my house. We’ve got every right to live here.’

Question is, how many British citizens who actually leave their houses and go to work each day could afford to live in a place like that? And how does a family of non-citizens who have never held a job for even one day claim a mansion as a "right"?

Frankly I'm surprised that it's the welfare recipients that are doing the bulk of the rioting in Britian. You'd think that it would be the average taxpayer over incidents like this. It's no wonder that the wheels are rapidly falling off of that once-great country. And one has to wonder how much longer it will be until we start to see it happening here.


  1. I have ranted numerous times about the "entitlement" mentality, the gimme,gimme,gimme crap does get quite old. they take the benefits that are extorted by force from we the working, trying to do the right thing, and teach our kids right and transferred to a bunch of ungrateful freeloading miasma of DNA that believes that they should because they live and we should be grateful to support them because of who they are. Can you tell that I have said this a few times...

  2. Folks who work are too busy to riot.

  3. One thing about the welfare state.

    Once the money runs out then it's curtains. No money, no eat.

    And many will die. Some good, some bad, some just lazy.

    The depression had 25 percent out of work. Yes 1/4 of the work force destitute. And add the dust bowl and, well you see how bad it was.

    Day is coming when 'no work, no eat' will be the motto of the day.